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It Isn't About Surviving in a Global Market. It's About Succeeding There.
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Positive outlook for economy, particularly manufacturing
After a dip in confidence four months ago which raised doubts over the sustainability of the global economic recovery, optimism again appears to be back in fashion across virtually all key markets. The latest edition of Pulse - the Global Business Outlook survey from KPMG International - reveals that global business optimism around several key indicators now stands at the highest levels ever recorded by the survey.
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IFRS Foundation to enhance IFRS taxonomy to reflect common reporting practices
The IFRS Foundation has announced that it will publish supplementary tags for the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Taxonomy that reflect disclosures that are commonly reported by entities in their IFRS financial statements.
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Larry Perry: Increasing audit profits Series No. 4: Taking the easy way: Deciding on Integrity
You may be surprised this blog is addressing integrity as a way to increase audit profits, let alone discussing it at all!. After all, abiding by the AICPA's Code of Professional Conduct is just a compliance function isn't it? We CPAs endeavor to maintain high levels of integrity in all we do, don't we? Wouldn't you agree we all have a good understanding of right and wrong?
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Ronald Baker: The efficiency vs. effectiveness debate continues
We here at VeraSage never shy away from folks who disagree with us. We learn more from those who disagree with us rather than those who agree.
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Amy Vetter: Top ten technical QuickBooks support questions and answers for March 2011
Here were the Top Ten Technical Support Questions that came into QuickBooks Technical Support during March 2011.
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FASB issues accounting standards update to improve financial reporting about troubled debt restructurings
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has issued Accounting Standards Update (Update) No. 2011-02, Receivables (Topic 310): A Creditor's Determination of Whether a Restructuring Is a Troubled Debt Restructuring.
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Our lead story today is about a positive outlook for the economy. Nothing like a little good news to get the Spring rolling! According to the KPMG Pulse survey, global business optimism is extremely high. Can we bank on that? Only time will tell. But it's refreshing nonetheless to read some good news at a time when companies are looking for some stability in the marketplace.
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It Isn't About Surviving In A Global Market. It's About Succeeding There.

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