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November 30, 2011

Nate Biddick,
1st Global
This issue of the monthly AccountingWEB Wealth Management newsletter offers insights into how meeting the increasing demands of your clients is becoming increasingly important in retaining them.

The Landscape presents several benefits resulting from offering wealth management services to your clients.

From The Wealth Management Academy® explains how marketing, done the right way, can enhance client relationships as well as drive business for your firm.

In Peer2Peer, Chris Boynton, champion partner of Arxis Financial Inc., an accounting firm in Simi Valley, California, shares how not providing wealth management to his clients was a disservice to them.
Welcome to The Landscape, a monthly feature article that provides insights into the wealth management industry from a tax-centric point of view. With the economic and tax landscape constantly shifting, CPA and tax firms have a unique opportunity to change how their clients view and manage their economic futures more efficiently and effectively. Keeping an eye on The Landscape can help you navigate the road to wealth management success.
Wealth Management: What’s in it for You and Why is it Important to Your Firm?

Tony Batman,
chairman and
1st Global
True wealth management firms help their clients with three macro issues: wealth accumulation, wealth protection and distribution and wealth transfer. The spotlight on wealth management is a result of increasing demand from clients, especially baby boomers, for customized personal services.
The 1st Global Wealth Management Academy® offers three distinct educational platforms for tax-centric wealth management firms, each possessing its own advantages: classroom-based education, Web-based instruction and self-study. As part of 1st Global’s commitment to progressive, ongoing education, the Wealth Management Academy® provides the opportunity to attain the knowledge, skills and habits necessary to become a highly successful wealth management firm. From The Wealth Management Academy® brings the academy to you in monthly installments.
Opportunities to Serve

Nate Biddick,
1st Global
Many new CPA wealth management advisors, accustomed to tax deadlines driving business, view marketing on par with snake oil hucksters and plaid-coated used auto dealers. But what separates truly communicating your value from a “sales pitch” is this: the truth of your statement, the strength of your conviction and the intention behind each to benefit others. 
Peer2Peer is your source for case studies and best practices in wealth management coming directly from your colleagues. With experienced advice from your peers within the tax profession, you can glean business-building strategies and tactics to enhance the wealth management services your firm provides or seeks to embrace. Leverage the knowledge of industry leaders to carve your own path to success with Peer2Peer.
How Not Providing Wealth Management Services to Clients May Be a Disservice to Them

Chris Boynton,
partner of
Arxis Financial
Chris Boynton, champion partner of Arxis Financial Inc., an accounting firm in Simi Valley, California, shares his firm’s progression into providing wealth management services to his clients and his thought processes behind it.
About 1st Global

1st Global was founded in 1992 by CPAs who believe that accounting, tax and estate planning firms are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive wealth management services to their clients.

1st Global provides CPA, tax and estate planning firms the education, technology, business-building framework and client solutions that make these firms leaders in their professions through dedicated professional client relationships built around wealth management.

More than 500 firms have chosen to affiliate with 1st Global, making us one of the largest financial services partners for the tax, accounting and legal professions.

1st Global Capital Corp. is a member of FINRA and SIPC and is headquartered at 8150 N. Central Expressway, Suite 500 in Dallas, Texas, (214) 265-1201. Investment advisory services offered through 1st Global Advisors, Inc., an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser. Additional information about 1st Global is available via the Internet at
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