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Each month in 2012, AccountingWEB will tackle one significant theme and approach that theme from a number of angles. Not only will we hear from experts in the field, we'll share ideas on how this theme impacts accountants and their clients, we'll explore related trends, and we'll address new ideas our readers can implement to enhance their business. We'll build a community page on our site around each of these themes under the overall heading of AccountingWEB Life, so readers can return to the themed area for more information and to add their own experiences. The themes we've selected for 2012 are based on input from our readers.



Education & Careers

Reduce Stress Through Daily Reflection

Reflection is something I do a lot of – I have for many years quite regularly in my daily or weekly goings on. At certain holiday times and other milestones every year, I reflect on my year and perspectives at that snapshot in time.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: Your Order's Up!

Welcome to our first installment of "Bramwell's Lunch Beat." Each weekday around lunchtime, I'll provide you, the accounting and finance professional, with some bite-sized summaries and links to news articles that may be of interest.
Education & Careers

Indicators You're Living a Saner Life

Several indicators – what you might call moments of truth – let you know you’re on the path to a freer, saner life. For openers, you awake naturally each morning without an alarm clock.

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Voice of the Editor

In case you missed it, late last month we launched AccountingWEB Forums. And as I've said before, your wild cheering isn't necessary.

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