by Jason Bramwell on May 08, 2014
The menu for May 8 features specials on fewer tax audits = $3 billion less for US government, PCAOB hands out sanctions, FASB proposes new requirements on "pushdown accounting," and more.
by Terry Sheridan on May 07, 2014
As your clients' accountant, you may find yourself in the position of dealing with the messy aftermath of bad IRA decisions. Here's how to avoid self-directed problems.
by Jason Bramwell on May 07, 2014
The menu for May 7 features specials on Missouri gets an income tax cut, Congress’ struggles over web tax, new House Dems IRS scandal report, most US millionaires think inequality is a problem, and more.
by Eva Rosenberg on May 07, 2014
How do small tax prep firms handle peer review? If you're the sole professional, whom can you rely on to cast a second glance on your work? There are several solutions.
by Jason Bramwell on May 06, 2014
The menu for May 6 features specials on non-GAAP disclosures on the decline, recent internal control report deficiencies, cities and states to lose big if highway fund isn’t replenished, and more.
by Julie Lubetkin on May 06, 2014
It's no longer enough just to keep your current clients; you have to bring in new ones. The key is differentiating your firm—you have to stand out from the crowd to succeed.
by Jason Bramwell on May 05, 2014
The average starting salary for students graduating this year with a business major – including accounting – has declined slightly over the last year, according to the latest salary survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
by Jason Bramwell on May 05, 2014
The menu for May 5 features specials on BofA shareholder meeting this week could be subdued, IRS challenging Caterpillar overseas parts deals, Swiss to US: treat our banks fairly in tax probe, and more.
by Kristen Rampe on May 05, 2014
Are you trying to change things in your company? You can if you start small and have a genuine conversation. Persuasion is needed, and it doesn't happen overnight.
by Jason Bramwell on May 04, 2014
New IRS guidance treats 2014 and 2015 as a transition period for foreign banks that have shown “good faith efforts” in their compliance of the US tax-evasion law, which goes into effect on July 1.
by Richard Koreto on May 02, 2014
The AICPA has taken some heat over its CGMA designation—is it really worth it? A new set of standards shows an attempt to put some meat on its bones.
by Jason Bramwell on May 02, 2014
The menu for May 2 features specials on the tax extenders really ARE tax cuts, AstraZeneca nixes new Pfizer bid, revenue recognition crunch time, PCAOB looking to fill Standing Advisory Group terms, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on May 01, 2014
The interpretive guidance is intended to assist both plan and employer auditors who are auditing state and local government entities that have implemented recent GASB pension accounting standards.
by David Ringstrom on May 01, 2014
Reading this article with Internet Explorer? Stop! It has a security flaw so major that the government is issuing warnings, and Windows XP users are especially vulnerable.
by Jason Bramwell on May 01, 2014
The menu for May 1 features specials on bills rolling out to stop IRS bonuses to delinquent workers, IRS chief addressing US companies’ offshore tax deals, CFOs bracing for new revenue recognition standard, and more.


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