by Deanna White on Jun 24, 2014
A new report makes it clear that a good women's initiative will not only grow the next generation of leaders, but increase firm revenue. Some firms have already shown it works.
by Kristen Rampe on Jun 23, 2014
Yes, we all work hard, but we shouldn't forget how to have fun at work. It's not just about being generous to employees; fun teams are more productive. Becoming fun is serious business.
by Ken Berry on Jun 20, 2014
The school year is over, and now your clients' children are around. Not to worry: parents get tax credits for summertime daycare, but there are specific rules and limitations.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 20, 2014
The menu for June 20 features specials on ParenteBeard and Baker Tilly talk merger, US Supreme Court rules in favor of IRS on summons issue, CAQ releases auditor reporting field-testing findings, and more.
by Terry Sheridan on Jun 20, 2014
If Ohio and Maryland have their way, CPAs later this year will be able to get their CPE just 10 minutes at a time. Short bursts of education may be the way the profession keeps up to date. Read about the details of these cutting-edge proposals.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 19, 2014
Despite the credit’s current uncertainty in Congress, experts say that small business owners should pay attention to lawmakers’ discussions because of the provisions the tax break could provide their companies once a compromise is reached.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 19, 2014
The menu for June 19 features specials on BDO USA names new CFO, lost Lois Lerner emails likely gone for good, House Ways and Means aide subpoenaed in trading probe, Medtronic investors will take big tax hit, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 18, 2014
The menu for June 18 features specials on lost IRS emails could hurt GOP’s inquiry, SEC puts more emphasis on combating financial reporting and audit fraud, Madoff’s ex-accountant likely to plead guilty, and more.
by Amy Vetter on Jun 18, 2014
While it's always good to be flexible when getting started, there are some critical things you should decide in order to maximize your potential and delight your ideal clients.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 17, 2014
The menu for June 17 features specials on 13 companies that paid no taxes in Q1 of 2014, states offering businesses an abundance of tax credits, ex-Medtronic CEO defending former employer’s tax inversion deal, and more.
by Sally Glick on Jun 17, 2014
If you want to earn a commanding presence in a target market, the clients need to know that you understand their unique concerns and that you are an expert in their sector. Professional alliances are the key.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 16, 2014
The menu for June 16 features specials on lawmakers exasperated by lost Lois Lerner emails, the true cost of tax havens, Scott London said past year “worse than I could have ever imagined,” and more.
by Hugh Duffy on Jun 16, 2014
Part mentors and part consultants, coaches can help everyone from staff accountants to managing partners. They can help us succeed on a professional and personal level.
by Allan Boress on Jun 13, 2014
Retailers have a different outlook on the client servicing process. CPAs would do well to emulate them, rather than just focusing on getting the work out and charging the most possible.
by Jason Bramwell on Jun 13, 2014
The menu for June 13 features specials on House passing more business tax breaks, Eric Cantor defeat may stall offshore tax holiday proposal, protests over Walgreens’ possible reincorporation in Switzerland, and more.


Upcoming CPE Webinars

Jul 24
In this presentation Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA revisits the Excel feature you should be using, but probably aren't. The Table feature offers the ability to both boost the integrity of your spreadsheets, but reduce maintenance as well.
Jul 31
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom helps beginners get up to speed in Microsoft Excel. However, even experienced Excel users will learn some new tricks, particularly when David discusses under-utilized aspects of Excel.
Aug 5
This webcast will focus on accounting and disclosure policies for various types of consolidations and business combinations.