by Phyllis Weiss H... on Aug 11, 2014
Most of us don't realize how much personal power we actually have to persuade and influence people we deal with, whether in business transactions or in advising clients.
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 11, 2014
The menu for August 11 features specials on a report claims SEC failed to guard sensitive info, Delphi vows to fight IRS to protect UK-based tax status, ex-senators hired to lobby against inversion legislation, and more.
by Julian Block on Aug 11, 2014
Accountants are trusted advisors—especially for their senior citizen clients. These people may have been with you for many years, and now, in their retirement, they need you more than ever.
by Richard Koreto on Aug 08, 2014
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." But at AWEB, all our links are strong!
by Bryce Sanders on Aug 08, 2014
You can successfully get new clients with webinars. If they haven't been working for you, maybe you haven't been doing them right. You have to follow the nine steps to success. There are no cutting corners.
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 08, 2014
The menu for August 8 features specials on judge sides with IRS over lost emails, White House examines tax-code weapons to stop inversions, AICPA presents Mark K. Rich with Maximo Mukelabai Award, and more.
by Deanna White on Aug 08, 2014
Want to move? There are lots of opportunities to make a lateral move, the latest accounting firm hiring trend. And managing partners need to know how to protect themselves from "raids."
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 07, 2014
The menu for August 7 features specials on nearly 600 Americans living abroad gave up passports in Q2 due to FATCA, list of US companies that have inverted since 1983, Robert Redford sues New York over tax bill, and more.
by James Walter on Aug 07, 2014
What do your clients consider a good accountant? Someone who keeps their checks and balances in line? Whatever their definition may be, there's always more you can do for your clients.
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 06, 2014
The menu for August 6 features specials on Missouri voters nix sales tax hike for road projects, Obama administration used controversial tax tactic to help Delphi, US bank regulators disappointed by lack of accounting convergence, and more.
by Terry Sheridan on Aug 05, 2014
If your clients are still in the Excel era, they've got plenty of company. But they may find cloud computing provides more nimble forecasting of their business needs.
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 05, 2014
The menu for August 5 features specials on Walgreens CFO leaves ahead of pending inversion decision, ex-IRS LB&I division official heads back to private sector, Missouri to vote today on sales tax hike to fund road projects, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Aug 04, 2014
The menu for August 4 features specials on why all tobacco taxes should be equal, shareholders get the shaft in tax inversion deals, activist investors also looking at tax-beneficial mergers, and more.
by Holly Nicholas ... on Jul 31, 2014
Do you have entrepreneurial clients? Here's a simple checklist to go over with CEOs to get them started on the right track to running a successful, fiscally responsible business.
by Jeff Pickard on Jul 31, 2014
Document management software is essential for accounting offices. With the right paperless office solution, you can organize all of your electronic and paper documents and keep them close by.


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