by AccountingWeb on Jun 10, 2002
PricewaterhouseCoopers released the results of its 2001 securities litigation study on June 10, 2002.
by AccountingWeb on Jun 10, 2002
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has drafted proposed rules and recommendations designed to guide the markets past a crisis of confidence that NYSE Chairman Richard Grasso calls "moments of madness" in the days following the Enron collapse.
by AccountingWeb on Jun 04, 2002
Small to mid-sized CPA firms may not have elaborate risk management systems, but Camico manager John Raspante suggests they can still heed some clear warning signs. Camico is the nation's second largest provider of accountants professional liability insurance and risk management services. Here are the six symptoms that Camico has found are often sure signs of a claim brewing on the horizon.Clients who don't pay. Mr. Raspante says that when CPAs call to discuss a new lawsuit, they often say, "The client was always slow to pay.
by AccountingWeb on May 30, 2002
Negativity in the workplace could pose serious employee motivation and legal problems for employers. The free report -- "Nixing Negativity In The Workplace" -- gives employers a blueprint for recharging their workplace with positive and productive attitudes by laying out negativity red flags to beware of, explaining practical do's and don'ts to incorporate in their management techniques, and even pinpointing legal problems that may attach themselves to negative attitudes.
by AccountingWeb on May 28, 2002
Stanford Accounting Professor Stefan Reichelstein
by AccountingWeb on May 28, 2002
On May 24, 2002, the Nasdaq Stock Market announced that its board of directors has approved several important rule changes, including one that will put audit opinions in the news. The Nasdaq Stock Market typically lists smaller companies, including many of the technology companies affected by the bursting of the dot-com bubble.
by AccountingWeb on May 27, 2002
By Paul J. MeyerIf you were asked to make three brief statements in response to the question, "Who are you?" how would you respond? One response might be to state your name because your name is an important emotional symbol of your identity. You might define yourself in terms of your professional title, especially if you enjoy a sense of dedication and commitment to your career.
by AccountingWeb on May 18, 2002
"Business2.0", located at tapped Stephen Covey's expertise to develop the following quiz. Circle true or false responses to the 15 questions based on your gut reaction, not what you think you should say. Once you have completed the quiz, rate your answers. You may discover that several simple adjustments in behavior or attitude--or both--could help you transform your staff into a high-performance team.
by AccountingWeb on May 15, 2002
The Business Roundtable, an elite association of 150 chief executive officers (CEOs) of leading corporations, has released guidelines to increase trust in U.S. companies post Enron. In a press release dated May 14, 2002, the CEOs encouraged all U.S.
by AccountingWeb on May 06, 2002
In their book First Among Equals, David Maister and Patrick McKenna offer a "play book" for managers of professionals, providing real world examples, self evaluation materials, and concrete advice on stressful day-to-day management issues that every leader of professionals will welcome. This is a must read for every manager of a group of professionals.
by AccountingWeb on May 01, 2002
Fargo based Eide Bailly, LLP, one of the Top 20 CPA firms in the U.S., is expanding its health care practice by adding hospital billing services to its service mix.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 15, 2002
By: Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., President, The Discovery Group  The ProblemWhen work is not being performed properly, management's first instinct is to blame employees. Often, however, the problem is not the employee. It is a lack of tools and equipment, inappropriate procedures, ineffective supervision, or a lack of training.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 03, 2002
Selling is the most advanced form of communication. It requires the utilization of all of our senses. Although you may feel the greatest barriers to your selling performance may be attributed to having the wrong product, closing techniques, presentation tools or even the wrong prospects, consider that the foundation of successful selling is based on how well you listen. The ability to actively listen has been proven to dramatically improve the capabilities of a professional salesperson. Ironically, listening is the least developed skill amongst salespeople.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 27, 2002
CFOs are looking for ways to maintain earnings stability and secure a competitive advantage in the uncertain economic market and are finding it in an unlikely place - risk management - according to final results of a survey released today by CFO-Research.According to the survey, conducted last fall and just released, companies are finding numerous benefits to strategic risk management, including;The ability to uncover new corporate opportunities Anticipating unexpected events and planning for their potential impactLimiting potential surprisesCreating efficien
by AccountingWeb on Mar 26, 2002
A new resource is available from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) to help corporate directors understand and implement privacy initiatives within their companies.Although it was originally developed for a Canadian audience, 20 Questions Directors Should Ask About Privacy has global appeal in its approach to helping corporate boards address the growing demands for consumer privacy.


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