by AccountingWeb on May 18, 2002
"Business2.0", located at tapped Stephen Covey's expertise to develop the following quiz. Circle true or false responses to the 15 questions based on your gut reaction, not what you think you should say. Once you have completed the quiz, rate your answers. You may discover that several simple adjustments in behavior or attitude--or both--could help you transform your staff into a high-performance team.
by AccountingWeb on May 15, 2002
The Business Roundtable, an elite association of 150 chief executive officers (CEOs) of leading corporations, has released guidelines to increase trust in U.S. companies post Enron. In a press release dated May 14, 2002, the CEOs encouraged all U.S.
by AccountingWeb on May 06, 2002
In their book First Among Equals, David Maister and Patrick McKenna offer a "play book" for managers of professionals, providing real world examples, self evaluation materials, and concrete advice on stressful day-to-day management issues that every leader of professionals will welcome. This is a must read for every manager of a group of professionals.
by AccountingWeb on May 01, 2002
Fargo based Eide Bailly, LLP, one of the Top 20 CPA firms in the U.S., is expanding its health care practice by adding hospital billing services to its service mix.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 15, 2002
By: Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., President, The Discovery Group  The ProblemWhen work is not being performed properly, management's first instinct is to blame employees. Often, however, the problem is not the employee. It is a lack of tools and equipment, inappropriate procedures, ineffective supervision, or a lack of training.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 03, 2002
Selling is the most advanced form of communication. It requires the utilization of all of our senses. Although you may feel the greatest barriers to your selling performance may be attributed to having the wrong product, closing techniques, presentation tools or even the wrong prospects, consider that the foundation of successful selling is based on how well you listen. The ability to actively listen has been proven to dramatically improve the capabilities of a professional salesperson. Ironically, listening is the least developed skill amongst salespeople.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 27, 2002
CFOs are looking for ways to maintain earnings stability and secure a competitive advantage in the uncertain economic market and are finding it in an unlikely place - risk management - according to final results of a survey released today by CFO-Research.According to the survey, conducted last fall and just released, companies are finding numerous benefits to strategic risk management, including;The ability to uncover new corporate opportunities Anticipating unexpected events and planning for their potential impactLimiting potential surprisesCreating efficien
by AccountingWeb on Mar 26, 2002
A new resource is available from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) to help corporate directors understand and implement privacy initiatives within their companies.Although it was originally developed for a Canadian audience, 20 Questions Directors Should Ask About Privacy has global appeal in its approach to helping corporate boards address the growing demands for consumer privacy.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 22, 2002
In testimony to the House Financial Services Committee on March 20, 2002, Phil Livingston, president and chief executive officer of Financial Executives International (FEI), said FEI lends its support to H.R. 3763, the Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency Act of 2002 (CARTA). Mr.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 13, 2002
The sudden collapse of Enron has prompted investors to demand greater transparency, and companies are responding by expanding their annual reports. Every company has its own unique disclosure challenges, but corporate giants General Electric (GE) and IBM are clearly at the forefront when it comes to complexity.
by AccountingWeb on Feb 20, 2002
Phil Livingston, the president and CEO of Financial Executives International (FEI) said in the latest issue of the association’s e-newsletter, FEI Express, the FEI has been hearing from its members about the changes in corporate policies that companies are making to improve auditor independence. He encouraged companies to issue press releases indicating the changes they’ve made. He also asked for input on the FEI’s code of ethics.
by AccountingWeb on Feb 20, 2002
Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders provided AccountingWEB with the some questions to ask before you prepare for a new client sales call.Is my mind clear of any distractions that could have an adverse effect on my performance? (Externalities: fight with supervisor or spouse, car troubles, income, weather, health, etc.) Do I want to be here? To what degree has this appointment been confirmed? (Is this person expecting me?) Do I view my client as a number or as a person to create a mutually beneficial partnership with? Are they someTHING (a quota) or someONE?
by AccountingWeb on Feb 18, 2002
In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, many corporations have been seeking guidance on appropriate security measures. One such company that offers this guidance is Kroll, a risk management company. According to Kroll, each company's circumstances, needs and risk profiles are different, and the response must be tailored accordingly. However, the following general points may be helpful: Review the risk profile of destinations carefully and plan travel accordingly.
by AccountingWeb on Feb 17, 2002
Speaking to the Glasser LegalWorks 20th Annual Federal Securities Institute, Stephen Cutler, director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said the SEC is asking Congress for more power to punish corporate wrongdoers.A push for more powerThe SEC is asking for added authority to impose penalties on officers and directors through administrative cases that do not require federal court proceedings. Specifically, it wants to able to bar executives found to have committed wrongdoing from future service at any public company.
by AccountingWeb on Feb 14, 2002
Co-opetition: Compete and Cooperate MarketingWhen you combine the words cooperation and competition, a new word emerges: Coopetition. Coopetition works when competing organizations come together cooperatively to serve a client.


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