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by AccountingWeb on May 19, 2005
Paychex 401(k) Recordkeeping services have been added to the Paychex Partner Program from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Business Solutions. “The addition of 401(k) to the CPAs’ tool chest offers another great way to professionally serve their clients,” said Tony Tortorella, vice president of Human Resource Services – Sales for Paychex.
by AccountingWeb on May 17, 2005
Companies around the country are marking National Employee Health & Fitness Day today with new wellness programs, discounts or simple encouragment for workers to get moving.CEOs are leading their employees on walks through downtowns, others are making accommodations for bicycle commuting, and some are offering discounts on gym memberships to keep their employees healthy and active.
by AccountingWeb on May 17, 2005
In the seven years since bookkeeper certification was introduced, 10,000 bookkeepers have registered for certification. Another 15,000 have requested information on the certification process.
by AccountingWeb on May 16, 2005
A new online employment screening company is offering a quick way for employers to check the educational and work histories of potential employees.Employers can turn to to conduct background checks, education verification and pre-employment screening to weed out applicants who list on their resumes fake diplomas or degrees from online diploma mills.“Our employment screening process will put the diploma mills out of business,” said CEO Samuel Anderson in a press release.
by AccountingWeb on May 05, 2005
Customer Relationship Management magazine has named CCH Inc. one of 2005’s CRM Service Elite.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 22, 2005
Automation is key. That is the finding of a study done by Ventana Research, co-sponsored by Cognos, which asked 200 companies in various industries to identify the challenges faced by finance departments.The study found that finance departments could benefit from major changes to key financial management processes to be more effective in executing their accounting cycles and to more readily deliver the information needed to improve performance.Companies surveyed worry about their ability to sustain their Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance efforts.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 19, 2005
Ninety-seven percent of public companies having sales between $250 million and $5 billion, are audited by the Big Four accounting firms, according to the General Accountability Office (GAO). Grant Thornton LLP, the U.S. division of global accounting, business advisory and tax organization, Grant Thornton International would like to change that.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 17, 2005
The average starting salary of graduates with degrees in accounting have risen 3.9 percent since the same period last year, according to the spring salary survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.Accounting graduates can expect offers averaging of $43,809. Economics and finance graduates can expect to see offers of $42,802, which is an increase of 5.1 percent over the previous year. This increase is in part due to financial and treasury analysis offers averaging.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 13, 2005
Two of the largest accounting firms in the city are taking aim at the Big 4 accounting firms by forming an alliance that will create the largest single resource for CPAs in Memphis.Thompson Dunavant PLC, Memphis’ largest locally owned CPA firms, has signed a three-year contract to share resources with BDO Seidman LLP, a national professional services firm providing accounting services to publicly traded businesses. Thompson Dunavant has a professional staff of 58 including 40 CPAs while BDO has a professional staff of 34 including 25 CPAs.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 07, 2005
In a hotly contested decision that's seen as a big win for the New York Stock Exchange, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William Donaldson has pushed through a new rule that would require investor orders to buy or sell stock be filled at the best price, as long as the order can be executed immediately, the Wall Street Journal reported.Known as the order-protection rule, it will apply to all marketplaces, including the Nasdaq Stock Market and will require markets to get investors the best price, even if that means going to a competing market to fill the order, the Journal reported
by AccountingWeb on Apr 05, 2005
What do clients look for in a tax preparer? Are they looking for an accountant tucked in an office with calculator and computer or for a nationally recognized brand promising fast refunds?Many Americans still do their own taxes. More complicated tax rules, however, are forcing greater numbers of taxpayers to seek help preparing their returns. Of the 132 million returns filed last year, 80 million filers paid a third party tax preparer. That number is expected to rise at an annual rate of one percent.“It’s like changing the oil in your car.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 05, 2005
One in five employers has been audited at least once for violating the federal wage-and-hour law, according to a recent survey by Business and Legal Reports Inc.Advertisement
by AccountingWeb on Apr 04, 2005
When it comes to data management, executives must develop a strategic approach – thinking in both in terms of the “big picture” vision and the details of storage, Van Carlisle, CEO of Fire King, a security and records management group, told the ABA Banking Journal in an interview published in March 2005. Carlisle points out that not all records have the same value to a firm. To be distinguished as “vital,” a record must contain information that is essential to the organization in the event of a disaster.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 29, 2005
State regulators in Wisconsin say Milwaukee-based Assurant Health overbilled an unspecified number of small businesses and will have to pay refunds to those clients. It’s not yet clear how many of Assurant Health’s small employer clients, those having fewer than 50 employees, had to pay higher health insurance premiums because of the miscalculations or how far back the miscalculations stretch.During an investigation by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance found that Assurant Health, which was known as Fortis Health Insurance Co.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 29, 2005
The Journal of Accounting Office Management and Administration Report (March 2005) offers these 5 hints for protecting your firm’s data and systems in digital environments:Increase Workstation Security. Take steps at the workstation level to prevent potential problems. Monitor and restrict log-ins to your network. Create a physical security plan to help prevent theft of hardware and software. Implement log-off and locking policies to reduce risk in the event a workstation is left on but unattended. Protect Your Laptop(s).


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