by Michael Alter on Apr 11, 2014
Yes, it's important, and there's a lot more to it than dress-down Fridays.
by Alexandra DeFelice on Apr 10, 2014
Accountants have been moving in a new direction in recent years—don't get left behind.
by Deanna White on Apr 10, 2014
AICPA launches forensic accounting mentorship program to meet growing need.
by Ken Berry on Apr 09, 2014
Those who have to deal with the Treasury Department's mind-bending international tax rules have just caught a break.
by Alexandra DeFelice on Apr 08, 2014
There's a theory going around that truly successful business people listen more than they talk.
by Daniel Mazzola on Apr 08, 2014
There's a bewildering array of these powerful college savings plans; here are some tips on how to pick one.
by AccountingWeb on Apr 07, 2014
A few rational choices when you're in seemingly irrational situations.
by Richard Koreto on Apr 07, 2014
Frank Ryan talks to AWEB as he walks from coast to coast for atonement and gratitude and charity.
by Eva Rosenberg on Apr 04, 2014
We should be afraid of the lack of awareness and familiarity and sheer laziness among unqualified tax preparers.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 02, 2014
Forty-two percent of the nearly 370 North American chief audit executives (CAEs) recently surveyed by the Institute of Internal Auditors' Audit Executive Center said they held a position outside of internal audit immediately prior to becoming a CAE.
by Alexandra DeFelice on Apr 02, 2014
Too much reliance on technology? Too little? Maybe you're just not using it right.
by Kristen Rampe on Apr 01, 2014
We hope we amused you with our article. But take the quiz anyway!
by AccountingWeb on Mar 31, 2014
Got too much to read? Maybe you're not doing it right.
by Alexandra DeFelice on Mar 27, 2014
State and local tax rules can be tangled, and the penalties for errors are severe. Some basic info can help.
by Eva Rosenberg on Mar 26, 2014
Well-disguised con artists lurk all over the Internet with plausible, but dangerous, schemes centered on the IRS and other entities. Be very careful.


Upcoming CPE Webinars

Jul 31
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom helps beginners get up to speed in Microsoft Excel. However, even experienced Excel users will learn some new tricks, particularly when David discusses under-utilized aspects of Excel.
Aug 5
This webcast will focus on accounting and disclosure policies for various types of consolidations and business combinations.
Aug 20
In this session we'll review best practices for how to generate interest in your firm’s services.
Aug 21
Meet budgets and client expectations using project management skills geared toward the unique challenges faced by CPAs. Kristen Rampe will share how knowing the keys to structuring and executing a successful project can make the difference between success and repeated failures.