by Renuka Rana on Jul 17, 2014
Large firms have in-house marketing and PR teams to take care of business development. Small firms, however, need to be strategic in their marketing efforts. Here's how to match the big boys.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 17, 2014
The menu for July 17 features specials on revenue recognition group holds first meeting on Friday, DOJ now investigating lost IRS emails, White House threatens veto on charitable giving tax breaks, SEC chair remarks on 4th anniversary of Dodd-Frank Act, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 16, 2014
The menu for July 16 features specials on House passes short-term highway fund fix, US inspection of Chinese audit firms may happen this year, Senate has other plans for Internet Tax Freedom Act, Crowe Horwath names new CEO, and more.
by Phyllis Weiss H... on Jul 16, 2014
People often make early-impression mistakes or fail to size up the new environment and set of colleagues. Here are some tips to build a solid foundation for long-term success.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 15, 2014
The menu for July 15 features specials on EY to pay $4 million fine in lobbying case, House backs cuts to IRS budget, NASCAR tracks lobby for tax cuts, Citigroup to get a tax break as part of settlement, and more.
by Natalie Lehrer on Jul 15, 2014
The virtual desktop approach gives small and medium-sized businesses control over their environment, as well as customization options, while reducing labor overhead and hardware expenses.
by Deanna White on Jul 14, 2014
Despite the economy's steady, albeit somewhat unhurried, recovery, businesses in accounting, finance, and IT are reporting a significant increase in unfilled staff positions, says forecast.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 14, 2014
The menu for July 14 features specials on UK to tighten rules on foreign takeovers, House likely to vote on highway fund bill this week, another judge wants answers on lost IRS emails, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 11, 2014
The menu for July 11 features specials on IRS to take oath on missing emails, short-term highway fund fix gets support on both sides of Congress, Ventas dismisses EY as auditor due to inappropriate relationship, and more.
by Sally Glick on Jul 11, 2014
Today, deals are done, prospects are sought out and existing clients are nurtured, based on relationships. People do business with people—especially with people they like and trust.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 10, 2014
The menu for July 10 features specials on Credit Suisse wants sentencing for aiding tax evasion pushed back until November, Lois Lerner’s warning about IRS email chatter, lawmakers discuss highway fund plans today, PwC must face MF Global lawsuit, and more.
by Ira S. Rosenbloom on Jul 10, 2014
Everyone talks about new ideas, but how do you get from vague thoughts to actual results? You need to turbo-charge your "do to" list and let yourself daydream to improve your firm. Establish a consistent method for capturing ideas.
by Richard Koreto on Jul 09, 2014
Quick management of your expenses while on the road is as close as your cellphone. You don't have to track down a copier or scanner after a busy day, or spend a lot on expensive programs.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 09, 2014
The menu for July 9 features specials on Ways and Means pitches transportation measure, House likely to vote on bonus depreciation bill this week, IMA names new chairman of its Global Board of Directors, and more.
by Bryce Sanders on Jul 08, 2014
There are often competitors in the background telling your clients they can do better if they change accountants. You have to be on top of the relationships to keep them—here's how.


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