by AccountingWeb on Apr 24, 2012
DALBAR released its Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (QAIB) report last month and the results of the study are shocking but – sadly – not very surprising.
by gailperry on Apr 24, 2012
Even in difficult times, your CPA firm demands profitable growth. You have to be able to find and implement a sustainable growth strategy that makes sense for your firm and your clients. When you first consider adding wealth management services to your practice, you might have many questions or doubts. Here are some reasons to move past those uncertainties.
by gailperry on Mar 27, 2012
There are many changes necessary to create and maintain a thriving, growing, profitable and premier wealth management firm. Defining the specific vision for your firm is the first step. But, once your firm formulates and articulates its vision, the firm leader must have the courage to make decisions and take action.
by gailperry on Mar 27, 2012
In this installment of Peer2Peer, four champion partners from thriving CPA firms share their success stories using 1st Global’s Sustainable Income Solutions™ (SIS) process and describe how it has changed the way they approach their clients.
by AccountingWeb on Mar 27, 2012
An often overlooked part of marketing and growing your practice involves your physical office arrangement. The appearance of your office should set the client in the right frame of mind to engage you for additional services, including wealth management services.
by gailperry on Feb 21, 2012
There is an underlying pattern of philosophical, professional, and personal traits that are essential for every firm’s success in the area of providing wealth management services.
by AccountingWeb on Feb 21, 2012
Many CPAs think that they must market outside of their existing client base. However, within your existing base is usually enough tax, tax planning, and ultimately wealth management candidates, to effectively expand your practice for years.
by gailperry on Feb 21, 2012
Champion partners of CPA firms from across the country reveal what they feel are the benefits to offering wealth management services to their clients as well as partnering with a leading growth consultant for CPA firms to do it.
by gailperry on Jan 23, 2012
Most CPA firms start their financial advisory services with a basic model of access to financial and investment products and over time add specialization, complexity and integration to arrive at a wealth management model.
by AccountingWeb on Jan 23, 2012
What does the Ritz-Carlton do, that other hotels don't, that makes your stay with them such a memorable experience? The hotel chain has instilled a culture of treating guests like royalty.
by gailperry on Jan 23, 2012
David Davis, champion partner of JY WeathCare, LLC, an accounting firm in San Jose, California, shares his firm’s progression into providing wealth management services to clients and the thought processes behind it.
by gailperry on Nov 29, 2011
Many new CPA wealth management advisors, accustomed to tax deadlines driving business, view marketing on par with snake oil hucksters and plaid-coated used auto dealers. But what separates truly communicating your value from a “sales pitch” is this: the truth of your statement, the strength of your conviction and the intention behind each to benefit others.
by gailperry on Nov 29, 2011
True wealth management firms help their clients with three macro issues: wealth accumulation, wealth protection and distribution and wealth transfer. The spotlight on wealth management is a result of increasing demand from clients, especially baby boomers, for customized personal services.
by gailperry on Nov 29, 2011
Chris Boynton, champion partner of Arxis Financial Inc., an accounting firm in Simi Valley, California, shares his firm’s progression into providing wealth management services to his clients and his thought processes behind it.
by gailperry on Oct 21, 2011
To address this question in a meaningful way, we need to take a long-term and broad perspective. First, your firm is probably experiencing a rush of activity, new business and revenue and profits growth. Sarbanes-Oxley has proven a boon to the profession.