Stealthy Job Searching - Share Your Experiences

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In a recent Accountemps survey, 73 percent of workers indicated they are likely to do their job searching for a new position while currently employed. That alone is not a surprise - most people feel they are more employable if they still have a job. The trick, however, is to conduct the search without putting your current position at risk. Accountemps has some tips on how to get that new job while you're still employed. What are your on-the-job interview experiences? Have you ever gotten caught sneaking out for a long lunch? Have you had to make excuses for wearing a suit to work in a casual environment? Has the boss ever intercepted a call from a headhunter? 


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With the job market the way that it is, it makes sense to look for a job secretly. My fear would be that the prospective employer would want to check references and you'd have to tell them WHY they can't check references at your current job. That would immediately reflect poorly on you because you would appear to be acting shady, and how would your new employer be able to trust your loyalty if you're demonstrating a lack of loyalty by even looking for a job? It's a catch-22. Anyone care to share their experiences or thoughts on this?

I would disagree Afraid2Look; I feel that most employers understand that if you are currently employed, it is not something you are shouting from the rooftops to your boss. I don't think it is shady at all. Most are very understanding and are willing to use references from past jobs.

I have taken a long lunch, driving in my car, talking to a possible employer on my cell phone about a new job. I felt guilty doing so, but unless you take a sick day or a vacation day to speak with a new employer, you need to take advantage on whatever out-of-office time you have to seek new employment.

I was brought into a meeting and asked point blank whether I was searching for a new job. Since I felt put on the spot I did not say that I was interviewing and a week later I was fired.

Did they state the reason for your termination as your seeking employment elsewhere?

Missa, is that even legal?

Why would it be illegal? Driving and talking? LOL