5 Tips for Using Social Media for Marketing and Career Growth


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Accounting and social media don't always seem to mix, but since the importance of online profiles and social networking in recruitment is on the rise, professionals of every field should get interested in developing a social media strategy as means of both furthering their careers and growing their firms. The key here is personal branding—social networks help to bring your brand to a wider audience, granting you all the space to become your sector's thought leader. And that's something impressive to every recruiter.

Here are top five tips on how to create an efficient social media strategy and develop a recognizable personal brand.

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Social Media has created a great buzz these days and it is one of the best platform for online marketing of businesses at large. Thanks for sharing this article that has helped to learn about how to harness social media in an effective way engaging potential customers at large.

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Good information. Anyone needing help in developing their own personal brand should get; Personal Brand Planning for life, available on Amazon.

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