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by Diana Mackie on May 26, 2015
How you use your website can be the key difference maker in attracting new business. Here is what potential clients want to see in your site.
by Bryce Sanders on May 26, 2015
Your “better half” likely knows plenty of people from his or her work and social circles. But make sure your husband or wife can explain what you do.
by seth fineberg on May 22, 2015
Practice and business development guru Michelle Long says there's things every firm ignores but should be a part of their everyday routine.
by Bryce Sanders on May 21, 2015
As a CPA, you act in your clients’ best interests by making recommendations based on what you know at the time. But how can you be direct without being rude?
by Terry Sheridan on May 20, 2015
New Protiviti report finds overall internal compliance costs topped $1 million for 58% of large companies last fiscal year.
by Brad Spence on May 20, 2015
Demand for business valuation services continues to grow, creating an opportunity to turn one-time engagements into ongoing valuation commitments.
by Jason Bramwell on May 19, 2015
The credentials, which are geared toward CPAs and qualified finance professionals, are scheduled to launch in 2016.
by Arvid Mostad on May 19, 2015
Is your website helping attract new business? Accounting firm marketing expert Arvid Mostad gives five tips on how it can and should be used for that purpose.
by Arianna Campbell on May 19, 2015
Now is the time to secure success for the rest of the year and to plan ahead for next tax season. Here are several ways to make the most of post-tax season.
by Jason Bramwell on May 18, 2015
Paper from global accounting group focuses on how boards and management can effectively manage risk as an integral part of managing an organization.
by Bryce Sanders on May 13, 2015
The PBS Masterpiece Theatre program casts the company accountant, Arthur Crabb, as the hero. Here are his best traits.
by Amy Vetter on May 13, 2015
Here are five resolutions for expanding your client relationships and providing more value in this New Tax Year.
by Jason Bramwell on May 12, 2015
Practical tools to help simplify and streamline tasks include work-paper templates, checklists, and sample reports.
by Terry Sheridan on May 12, 2015
Academic research shows companies that are transparent about internal-control problems incur a variety of “penalties” than those that don’t report weaknesses.
by Nick Huber on May 11, 2015
Economic volatility and competition for the smartest staff will also have a big effect on finance departments, according to a study from the IMA and ACCA.


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