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Wave Payroll

Meet the New "Wave" - It's Not Just Accounting Anymore

Wave, the Cloud-based provider of business finance tools to nearly half a million small business customers worldwide, has launched a comprehensive set of the most affordable online tools available in today's marketplace. Wave's complete portfolio of applications and features are now unified in a seamlessly integrated solution that is available today at waveapps.com.

Wave Payroll Gives US Small Business Owners a Fast and Easy Payroll Solution

Wave Accounting (Wave), the creators of free small business accounting and payroll software, launched the US edition of Wave Payroll. This easy-to-use, Cloud-based payroll solution is designed to work the way small business owners do. Business owners can sign up for free at www.wavepayroll.com. Launched in the Canadian market earlier this year, Wave Payroll is now available in all fifty states.

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