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Thomson Reuters Launches Online Community for Tax Professionals at Annual SYNERGY Conference

The Thomson Reuters Community, an online networking platform exclusively for the company's tax technology customers, was launched this week during SYNERGY 2013, an annual conference for users of the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE suite of tax software solutions.

New Thomson Reuters Solution Helps Businesses Tap $60 Billion in Available Tax Credits and Incentives

Thomson Reuters has released Checkpoint Credits and Incentives Pinpointer, a web-based tool that enables businesses to easily identify statutory credits and incentives that are available per industry or location. 
As the US economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, federal, state, and local governments are incentivizing invest

Accounting Firms Rank Content-Based Offerings and Relationships as Most Successful Lead-Generation Strategies

The nation's most progressive and largest accounting firms generate more leads through content-based offers, networking, and referrals, yet they aren't using technology to their advantage to find and resource leads.

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Releases Updated Report on Tax Changes in US Health Care Reform

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint has released an updated special report, Tax Changes in Health Care Reform Legislation, which is designed to help tax practitioners understand the tax provisions of health care reform that take effect now through 2018.
"Two thousand fourteen will be a critical year for practitioners advising their business and


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