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Diversify your income streams

With an ever-growing list of tax software companies competing for your clients, now is an ideal time to begin diversifying your income streams. At HD Vest Financial Services®, we believe adding financial services is the most logical option. Why? Because you're already offering this service every time you recommend a tax-savings vehicle. We understand your unique needs and have built a smart model that includes a roadmap for identifying investment planning opportunities from the lines within the 1040. We invented the tax and financial services model and can show you how to begin working smarter not harder.
"Offering financial services has driven our income much more than would be possible by acquiring a tax practice or raising fees. To me, that's just working smarter not harder."
Mark Matkovic, CFP®, CPA
HD Vest Advisor
As The Financial Services Firm of Tax ProfessionalsSM, we will guide you through this natural progression of your business as we have done for the 4,600 independent tax professionals - CPAs, enrolled agents and tax practitioners - who have joined our firm. By taking the step to magnify your 1040 advantage by offering investment planning, you'll create greater loyalty among your clients as they begin to recognize you as their one-stop shop for all their financial needs.
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Earn More than a Tax Preparation Fee
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