CPA Mutual

CPA Mutual RRG was the first CPA-owned and directed insurance company operating nationwide. CPA Mutual is proud of our 26 year commitment and dedication to the professional liability needs of a CPA firms all across the country. Our coverage has changed along with the profession and now includes ID theft protection and specific investment advice. We can also provide you with comprehensive Employment Practices Liability coverage which includes, at no cost to you, risk management and HR support. We want to be your risk management partner!
Reliability and Service ... a part of our insurance company owned and operated by CPAs since 1987
Your clients look for these two traits in you and our members require them from us.

If you're not happy with your current professional liability carrier's reliability or service, call CPA Mutual.

Let us prove to you that there is a difference.
CPAMutual Insurance Company of America realized there was a gap in the professional coverage offered to CPAs because policies didn't cover the loss of data and the expenses related to discovering, notifying, and repairing the damage. Working with Debix, an industry leader in identity protection, CPAMutual has created a new professional coverage policy endorsement that covers data breach and identity theft issues as they relate to the accounting profession.

Whether a laptop, flash drive, or other media is accidentally lost or intentionally stolen, whether a file is sent in an accidentally misdirected e-mail or compromised due to a virus, the damage to the client's finances and the CPA's reputation could be significant. This policy endorsement may help control the situation and limit the damage to all parties involved.

Buying the policy doesn't release a CPA firm from the expectation of practicing professional care. What it does do is gives CPAs a place to turn to limit the damage of an unintentional loss.

Just another example of CPA Mutual looking out for its members. (Data Breach Endorsement specimen)