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Why 1st Global?

If your firm is committed to serving more clients and serving them better, 1st Global can help. We specialize in consulting with CPA firm partners in creating sustainable growth strategies for the future, including helping CPA firms build successful wealth management practices. Our goal is to enhance the service experience to your best clients and to attract more of them to your firm.

Professional Focus
As a tax professional or attorney, you have a unique, trusting relationship with your clients. It’s vital to align with a partner that understands that delicate relationship. It’s also important to have a partner that understands the complex regulations and cultural issues involved in integrating comprehensive financial services into a tax or law firm. We have nearly two decades of experience doing just that.

Product Independence
Affiliating with 1st Global means maintaining your professional objectivity. You’re able to offer a vast selection of non-proprietary service and product solutions that truly meet the needs of your clients. We believe that independence and objectivity are paramount for financial services professionals.

Client Ownership
With 1st Global as your partner, your firm's clients are your firm's alone. We provide the systems, training and support you need to assist your clients with wealth management services. You provide the most critical factor for success: the client relationship.

Business-Building Expertise
We provide the cutting-edge tools and resources your firm needs to successfully build your wealth management business. From innovative marketing resources to advanced educational programs, your firm will have everything it needs to be a success. Just add clients.

Comprehensive Solutions
With 1st Global, your firm is free to choose the solutions that fit your client. You are not pressured to promote or push proprietary products. We support your firm with everything it needs for a wealth management practice, including securities brokerage services, fee-based asset management, insurance services and retirement planning.


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How Can You Keep the Post-Tax Season Calendar Full and Clients on Target? Periodic Review Meetings

Periodic client review meetings give CPAs and financial advisors the opportunity to put all their tools to work. They’re a good way to reconnect with your clients after tax season and continue to build and strengthen the relationship you have with each other.

The Dreaded “M” Word: Why Marketing Isn’t as Hard as You Think

By Tony Batman, chairman and chief executive officer, 1st Global

Creating top-of-mind awareness of the solutions your firm offers is an essential ingredient in the success of any wealth management firm. Consistent marketing of these solutions can be the key difference between a marginal wealth management firm and a hugely successful one.

Discovery Meeting Should Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

By 1st Global

Client meetings give CPAs the opportunity to put all their tools to work. Done well, they are productive and rewarding, both monetarily and psychologically. Improperly done, they can be a disaster. Successfully conducting client meetings builds trust, nurtures relationships and creates a meaningful result for both the client and accountant.

Wealth Management - What's Stopping You?

By 1st Global

Even in difficult times, your CPA firm demands profitable growth. You have to be able to find and implement a sustainable growth strategy that makes sense for your firm and your clients. When you first consider adding wealth management services to your practice, you might have many questions or doubts. Here are some reasons to move past those uncertainties.

"One of our biggest obstacles is the fear of the unknown."

Overcoming Obstacles to Wealth Management

By Tony Batman, chairman and CEO, 1st Global
There are many changes necessary to create and maintain a thriving, growing, profitable and premier wealth management firm. Defining the specific vision for your firm is the first step. But, once your firm formulates and articulates its vision, the firm leader must have the courage to make decisions and take action. While the action stage seems straightforward, there are many obstacles that you must overcome.

Helping Your Clients Achieve Sustainable Income for Life

“People have to have sustainable income for life. If they haven’t done their planning, there is a good chance they won’t meet their goals. “ -Dwain Tataryn, Mueller Financial Services, Inc.
It should come as no surprise that many CPAs and other financial services professionals feel strongly about retirement. Clients are living longer, facing new challenges and risks. And, more importantly, they’re worried.


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