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E-filing Season Off To A Strong Start

The IRS reports that the fifteenth year of electronic tax filing is off to a strong start, recording a 27.7% increase in e-filing for this opening weekend of the tax season.The IRS expects one in four taxpayers will file electronically this year, representing over 33 million returns.

Chicago Board of Trade Proposes Split

Fearing a growing competitive threat from electronic trading systems, the Chicago Board of Trade voted yesterday to split the 150 year old exchange in two companies -- one that operates as a "traditional" exchange and one that operates exclusively as an electronic exchange.Both companies would provide a medium for the consumer to operate in a way that they are most comfortable.Open floor trading would continue in the traditional exhange, and would be run by a privately held for-profit corporation.The electronic trading company would be spun off into a

WebTrust Expands Into France

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has signed an agreement with Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (CNCC) and with the Ordre des Experts Comptables (OEC) – both located in Paris – to offer CPA WebTrust in France.

G. Michael Crooch Appointed Member of FASB

Effective July 1, G. Michael Crooch a partner and director of the International Professional Standards Group at Arthur Andersen, will begin his five-year term as a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. "We are pleased to have a person of such stature as Mike Crooch agree to serve on the FASB," said Manuel H. Johnson, chairman and president of the Foundation.

Intranet Costs – Is Net-based better?

You’ve decided you want an intranet, but now you aren’t sure which way you should go – keep it on the inside of your organization or put it out on the Net. The benefits vary as do costs. If you keep it inside, obviously, your security is increased because hackers can’t get to it – your intranet is hidden inside your firm. Another factor is speed. Since your intranet runs on the same system that connects your computers, the speed is much faster than the Internet. Training isn’t a factor, either, because an intranet uses a browser that your employees most likely know already.
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Leading Edge Alliance Adds Four New Firms

The Leading Edge Alliance, a network of premier independent CPA firms across the United States, announces the addition of four new member firms:The new firms are:Gifford, Hillegass & Ingwersen, P.C.

CCH's Annual List of Wacky Tax Court Cases

CONTACT: MARY DALE WALTERS 847-267-2038 mediahelp@cch.comFourth Annual List of Wacky Tax Court CasesVENTRILOQUIST, BEGGAR, SPY, BROTHEL VISITOR: IRS THREW THE BOOK AT THESE CHARACTERS, BUT A FEW FOUND A HAPPY ENDING IN COURT (RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 17, 2000) – The expression “truth is stranger than fiction” can usually be proved in court, according to CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax law information.

Just $260K to Corner The Market on Online Tax Prep

Is having the right domain name the key to success in online tax preparation?If you think the answer is "yes," and if you're willing to invest at least $260,000, then at this time next week you might be well on your way to cornering the market for online tax preparation services.How?The domain name WWW.TAXES.COM is being auctioned off this week by domain name broker to the promotion:"In the area of taxes, no other name confers the instant credibility and recognition rep

Free Online Tax Prep Now Available To Consumers

Financial broker H.D. Vest today announced a new service which offers US taxpayers free web-prepared e-filed tax returns, regardless of salary of form requirements.The new service, available at H. D. Vest Online, is expected to draw one million users in its first tax preparation season.

New Texas Society Executive Director Named

John Sharbaugh is the new CEO and executive director for the Texas Society of CPAs. He succeeds Don Weldon, who is retiring this year.Sharbaugh is known nationally for his support of the accounting profession as the current vice president of State Societies and Regulatory Affairs with AICPA in the Washington, D.C.

Tax-Saving Tactics for IRAs

Many CPAs and accounting professionals provide advice to clients on the virtues of investing in long-term IRAs. But how do you explain the tax ramifications for heirs to an estate in plain-speak?Some measures can be implemented to prevent Federal estate tax, and Federal and state income taxes from taking up to 75 percent of investments.
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Fun Facts on EY and the Golden Globe Awards

What's behind the hoopla when major award shows bring out the accountants? Quite a bit, if you're Ernst & Young, who has kept the tally for Golden Globe Award winners for more than 30 years.Already, the firm is at work for this year's broadcast on Sunday, Jan. 23, and "3" seems to be a magic number. For three days prior to the broadcast, only three people - two EY CPAs and one assistant, know who the winners will be.Remember the 5:30 a.m. press conference in December to announce the nominees?

Intranets Offer Solutions

The Internet is an incredible source of power for you and your employees, but there’s another source you may not have considered – Intranets. An intranet is a web site that’s available only to your organization. Only you and your employees have access to the information on your company’s web site.

Online Credit Card Hackers Have a Field Day

Many CPAs and accounting professionals rely on the Internet to transfer client files and sensitive information, but sometimes high security just doesn't work.Such was the case as MSNBC was able to hack through files, using a common database tool, to view the records of seven e-commerce Web sites, including personal information about cardholders.

Computer Assisted Auditing Using IDEA - With Carolyn Newman

Below is the transcript of the workshop held January 18, 2000 and presented by Carolyn Newman on computer assisted audit techniques. Please review the transcripts, and share them with anyone else in your firm responsible for CAATs.Scott Cytron: Good afternoon. Welcome! We are happy you could be here with us this afternoon. I’m Scott Cytron and I will be facilitating the workshop today. We want to encourage you to take advantage of the interactive nature of the workshop.

EY Uses Online Testing to Screen Applicants

Testing for skills and aptitude before hiring is nothing new, but doing it over the Internet has become one of the new trends because of the immense savings in time.Ernst & Young has contracted with Virginia-based Brainbench to use the company's skills assessment tests to screen applicants for 500 IT professionals who will work on EY's Sprint contract.According to EY, using online testing sources like Brainbench reduces the hiring time from weeks to a matter of hours.

Netledger's Accounting Package Wins Award

Netledger and its availability as an Application Service Provider (ASP) with Web-based applications has won PC Computing magazine's 1999 Most Valuable Product Award for Outsourcing Accounting.Netledger placed ahead of accounting rivals Andersen Consulting and Deloitte & Touche. In its 11th year, the awards program honors technology and buisness tools for their applications over the Internet and in other high-tech arenas.

Deloitte Consulting Aligns with

Deloitte Consulting announced today that it has formed an alliance with, the financial services industry's first full-service Internet portal site for CFOs, fund managers, and corporate treasury operations. The strategic alliance is aimed at providing financial institutions with seamless integration to Consulting will work with investment banks and financial services providers to develop comprehensive e-commerce strategies to integrate with
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Low-Cost Ways to Publicize Your Web site

Almost every firm and organization has some kind of Web site on the Internet, but how are you publicizing the site to build momentum and find visitors?It's been proven that telling others about your site doesn't have to cost a lot of money - in fact, it can be done quite inexpensively depending on your needs.Try these tips: Register the site with well-known search engines, such as Yahoo! and Excite.

Sage Acquires Best Software in Deal Worth $445 Million

The Sage Group, owners of Sage and its popular line of accounting software like Acuity, Peachtree and BusinessWorks, has announced it will buy Best Software. The transaction is expected to be final in February in this cash deal worth $35 per share or $445 million.Best is known throughout accounting circles for its line of human resources, fixed asset and payroll software.


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