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Internet Surfing: Coming To A Gas Pump Near You?

Did you ever find yourself mindlessly wandering, wondering what to do during the long three minutes it takes to fill your car up with gas? Well, idle no more. Starting soon, you'll be able to surf Internet-enabled gas pumps at BP/Amoco and check your email, your stocks or your news online while inhaling those fumes. And these days it might make sense to also go on the Web and search for a gas station whose prices haven't risen 20% in the past week...

People "Accounting" Improves Billable Hours

When you are in a professional services industry such as accounting, your people are your firm. Properly implemented, human resource solutions can increase profits, decrease turnover and improve a company’s culture.According to The Sagacity Group, a human resources systems and workforce improvement company, people "accounting" focuses on a very valuable asset – the people who interact with a company's customers.

TSCPA Begins Lone Star Pathfinder Project

Deep in the heart of Texas is a very industrious project related to the national CPA Vision: each of the 20 chapters within the Texas Society of CPAs has been asked to nominate one of more volunteers who are worth of being named "Lone Star Pathfinders."At the Society's Mid-year Board of Directors' meeting, pathfinders were recognized for their accomplishments.San Antonio CPA and TSCPA chair Bob McAdams said, "We want to recognize the first group of our members who have been identified by their chapters as CPAs that aren't just wondering about the re

Top Online Recruiting Site Named

If you are looking for the right online presence for your recruiting activities, look no further. was recently ranked the No. 1 student-oriented job-search Web site in an independent study by PC Data is an online job search and match site devoted to connecting college and graduate-level students with prospective employers. The site is the fourth most-visited college-oriented Internet site according to U.S. must give visitors what they are looking for.

Great Plains Expands Into Europe

Popular back-end office solution provider Great Plains has expanded its operations overseas with the acquisition of BTK Software and Consulting.Although Great Plains already has been in the European market for several years, the expansion greatly enhances its operations in Germany.BTK already provides front and back-end office solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Great Plains will market BTK's product called APERTUM to the lower-tier sector, and will accomplish this by adding 80 staff and support functions.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 27

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 27January 28, 2000http://www.accountingweb.comIn the news this week:1. E&Y Launches IT Consultants' Clearinghouse2. Chicago Board of Trade Proposes Split3. Consultants Take Note: The Seven Key Risk Factors In Mergers4. Home Based Office Definition Widened By The IRS5. Business Cards That Sing, Dance and Sell For You6.

Yet Another Big 5 Defection to the Dot-Com World

Andersen Consulting knows the power of the Internet. It's sister company Arthur Andersen is redesigning corporate strategies and setting up billion dollar venture funds to capitalize on the dot-com revolution.

IRS Urges Double-checking Dependent Social Security Numbers

Tax season is well under way, so it makes sense that the IRS would begin warning taxpayers about common oversights. One oversight, however, comes with “an additional tax due” letter.The problem involves dependent social security numbers. If a dependent’s social security number doesn’t match the tax return, the IRS will recalculate the tax return as if the dependent did not exist.

EY Enters Online Recruitment Arena

Ernst & Young has announced the launch of a subsidiary, Net-Strike Worldwide, to recruit and provide training for IT consultants utilizing the power of the Internet to serve as the "virtual deployment center" for IT professionals worldwide.Net-Strike is designing a Web site devoted to this endeavor for EY and other clients interested in these tempora

Is the Web Replacing the CPA?

For years, consumers with simple tax returns have sought the help of off-the-shelf programs like TurboTax and Quicken, much to the chagrin of the CPA and accounting professional who believes they can become a value-added resource to these programs.

FASB Rules on Banner Advertising

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has ruled that online businesses can continue to add revenues that reflect the value of bartered ads to their books and deduct associated expenses.

Handy Guide Targets in on Special Taxpayer Groups

Contact:Mary Dale Walters — 847-267-2038, Leslie Bonacum — 847-267-7153, bonacuml@cch.comHandy Guide Gives Special Attention to All Categories of Individual Taxpayers.NEW TAX ANGLES FOR SPECIAL TAXPAYERS (2000 EDITION) FROM CCH (RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 18, 2000) – Provisions affecting the many special categories of individual taxpayers – such as investors, seniors, farmers, clergy, students and U.S. citizens living abroad – are strewn throughout the Internal Revenue Code.

Handy Guide Targets in on Special Taxpayer Groups

Contact:Mary Dale Walters — 847-267-2038, Leslie Bonacum — 847-267-7153, bonacuml@cch.comNEW TAX ANGLES FOR SPECIAL TAXPAYERS (2000 EDITION) FROM CCH Handy Guide Gives Special Attention to All Categories of Individual Taxpayers(RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 18, 2000) – Provisions affecting the many special categories of individual taxpayers – such as investors, seniors, farmers, clergy, students and U.S. citizens living abroad – are strewn throughout the Internal Revenue Code.

Canadian Franchises Consider Taxing Visiting Teams

How can tax be a good thing?
Community News

Costumes, Dress Codes Lead to Quandry at Big 5 Firm

What happens when traditionally conservative suit-and-tie accountants enter into a strategic partnership with more relaxed dressed-down dot-coms?

Andersen Partner Named to FASB

On July 1, G. Michael Crooch will begin serving his five-year term on the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). He replaces James J.

Business Card Turn CD Makes Great Marketing Tool

Have you seen them? There are now business cards that look like a traditional business card, but they make the leap to CD ROM to actually “tell” your story. Internet strategy consulting firm,, offers the cards and suggests other ways the cards can be used to develop profit centers.The business card sports company logo, address and contact information on the front, but the back can hold up to 40 Megs of data including HTML, graphics, audio, video and presentation files.

The Seven Risk Factors In Successful Mergers

William Case is the founder of Integrated ChangeWare Systems, a company that specializes in merger integration, multiple organization roll-ups, and strategic change. In a workshop presented for AccountingWEB, Mr.

Focusing On The Customer Base During M&A - with Bill Case

William Casewncase@icws.comIntegrate ChangeWare Systems972.380.4297 phone 214.853.5506 faxwww.icws.comScott Cytron: Good afternoon all! I'm Scott Cytron and will moderate today's workshop. Thanks for being here today. We are excited about offering our first workshop on mergers and acquisitions. M&As are certainly affecting the accounting industry, but they also are affecting your clients.

Tax Breaks for the Home Office

Good news is in store for clients who have a part-time home office. The IRS has changed their way of thinking in allowing anyone who does part of their work at home qualify for certain deductions.Before now, the Service was very strict in saying that the home office had to be the principal place of business--which had been interpreted as the only place of business.But in a move signaling again a paradigm shift for the Service, anyone who spends time in a home office doing paperwork or handling other matters may now qualify for at least some deductions.


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