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Four Techniques to Make Your Accounting Presentations Buzzworthy

A presentation needs to be informative and engaging to be effective. Here’s how you can strike the right balance.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: The Form 1023-EZ Controversy Continues

The menu features specials on PCC Chair Billy Atkinson to step down, Peter Roskam scoffs at IRS funding pleas, and more.

The Top 6 HR Blunders – and What Small Businesses Can Do to Avoid Them

The folks in human resources are human, and sometimes mistakes are made. But errors can be prevented. Here’s how.

And the Survey Says … More Finance Training is Needed for Nonprofit Groups

New certificate program launched by the AICPA covers the essentials of nonprofit financial responsibility.

Clarified Auditing Standards: Planning an Audit (AU-C 300) – Part 2

This article focuses on the planning and practical activities that result in quality, profitable audit engagements.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: IRS Criminal Investigations Down 19% Last Year

The menu features specials on packed lines at Dallas IRS help center, Sen. Rand Paul introduces flat tax proposal, and more.

Nine Steps to Make Your Company’s Ethics Training Program Stick

A truly dynamic ethics training program should focus on embedding the company’s code of conduct into daily worklife.

How Accountants Can Use Golf as the Gateway to Making HNW Connections

High-net-worth people have financial needs, and serious business gets done on the links. Consider these three tactics.

Tax Reminders for Couples Contemplating Tying the Knot – Again

The happy couple should talk to a CPA about the tax consequences of remarriage before they walk down the aisle.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Will the IRS Make a Recruitment Pitch to Millennials?

The menu features specials on IRS unanswered phone calls, ACA bumps up tax refunds for some but not all, and more.

The Top 4 Financial Topics You Should Cover with Your Clients This Tax Season

Accountants should use this time of year to help clients deal with financial issues well beyond paying taxes.

State Tax Systems Aren’t Helping to Close Income Inequality Gap, Study Finds

The reason? Low- and middle-income earners are taxed at much higher rates than the wealthy, ITEP says in report.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Late Tax Season Filing

Here is some timely information from the AICPA that you can pass along to habitually late clients and April walk-ins.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Some Filers Affected by Tax Form Error Get Deadline Reprieve

The menu features specials on firm accused of auditor independence violations, new IRS technical guidance, and more.

Survey: Americans Believe Tax System is in Need of an Overhaul

The top complaint from those polled? That US corporations and the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

AICPA Makes Suggestions on How Business Income Tax Can be Simplified

A letter sent on March 31 to a Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Group focused on four key issues.

Why Character Should Matter to Your Firm and to Your Employees

If you act for the right reasons, you receive the right rewards. Here’s a couple examples of why character prevails.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: No Contempt Charges for Ex-IRS Official Lois Lerner

The menu features specials on GOP senators want to nix death tax, Congress just created special tax break, and more.

The 7 Characters You Can’t Use in Excel Worksheet Tab Names

Also, there is one word that cannot be assigned to an Excel worksheet. Find out what that word is and its backstory.


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