An Espionage Tale from the Files of James Bond, Tax Accountant

Read our tax columnist's personal story about Cold War spies and undeclared income, as fresh as today's headlines.
Education & Careers

How to Rise and Succeed as a Superstar CFO in the 21st Century

CFOs must know about HR and IT. If you want to be a financial leader, you'll have to expand your horizons.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: GOP Gets Favorable House Vote on Dynamic Scoring

The menu features specials on top CFOs offer advice for success, ex-IRS chief Shulman joins BNY Mellon, and more.
Wealth management

Friendly Reminder: Medicare Surtaxes Increase Taxes for Many

Obamacare's two separate Medicare surtaxes can complicate tax time—especially for investors.

Clarified Auditing Standards: Professional Judgment and More

A planning document for group audits to help prepare the required documentation of professional skepticism and judgment.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: New Year, New Accounting Firm Mergers and Acquisitions

The menu features specials on IRS dark money rules update, legal marijuana brings states modest tax boost, and more.

Enjoy Glad Tax Tidings for Business Entertainment Deductions

Did you do any recent entertaining? The IRS rules for deductions are tangled—it pays to know the fine points.

Hiring Outlook Finds More Companies Have Accounting Job Vacancies

Thirty percent of companies polled by Brilliant reported open accounting and finance positions heading into new year.

The 5 Services Small Businesses Need to Avoid Sales Tax Hassles

Sales tax compliance can be a small business nightmare—but it doesn't have to be this way.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Top GOP Senator Says Gas Tax Hike Still on the Table

The menu features specials on Tesco to cut jobs after accounting scandal, tax policy outlook for 2015, and more.

The 4 Rules for Being Successful with Social Prospecting

It can be so easy to get social prospecting wrong. You need to start with a plan and make the right choices.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Don’t Fret, Filing Season to Start on Jan. 20 as Scheduled

The menu features specials on key articles from this week on AWEB and other Sift Media sites that you may have missed.

Special for Auditors: Learn the 4 Steps to Closing the Audit Technology Gap

The role of internal audit has evolved considerably in recent years—but has the use of technology kept up?
Education & Careers

How Technology Can Break the Glass Ceiling in Accounting

Everyone is talking about all the advantages of the cloud: it can also empower women.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: What You Were Reading on AccountingWEB in 2014

From Congressional committees to hiring practices to the NFL, many topics grabbed your interest in the past year.
Education & Careers

AWEB Exclusive: Top Women Accountants Talk about Leadership

AccountingWEB sat down with two women CPAs to see what they have to say about women accountants today.

Playing Detective: Using Tax Returns to Uncover Hidden Divorce Assets

If you know which schedules to look at, you can find clues to where an ex-spouse may be hiding money.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: LinkedIn May Be Watching What You Do

IRS issues new revenue procedure, restaurants reconsider tipping, SEC looks at credit rating agencies, and more.

Why You May Be Serving the Wrong Clients—and How You Can Fix It

When choosing clients, understand that more isn't necessarily better. More is usually just more.


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