Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks: Materiality Levels

Calculating financial statement materiality levels under the auditing standards is framework neutral. The concepts are the same for all financial reporting frameworks.

IRS Chief Highlights Changes to Offshore Disclosure Initiative

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen outlined a number of changes to the agency's Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program on Wednesday, which he believes will lead to a surge in US taxpayers coming forward to report on undisclosed foreign accounts.

House Panel Approves Lasting Moratorium on Internet Access Taxes

By a 30-to-4 vote, the House Judiciary Committee backed a bill on Wednesday that would make permanent a moratorium that bans state and local governments from taxing access to the Internet.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Medtronic Deal Spurs More Tax Reform Talk

The menu for June 18 features specials on lost IRS emails could hurt GOP’s inquiry, SEC puts more emphasis on combating financial reporting and audit fraud, Madoff’s ex-accountant likely to plead guilty, and more.

Working the Cloud: The Next Steps

While it's always good to be flexible when getting started, there are some critical things you should decide in order to maximize your potential and delight your ideal clients.

Taste of the Future at Tech Conference

AWEB's Richard Koreto is attending the Scaling New Heights conference, and has uncovered trends relevant to all accountants, even non-Intuit users, while some things never change.

Camp and Boustany: IRS Lost More Emails Than Just Lerner’s

The two House Republican leaders alleged on Tuesday that the IRS cannot produce emails from six other agency employees connected to the Tea Party scandal due to computer malfunctions.

Are Frequent Flyer Miles Next to Be Taxed?

The possibility that frequent flyer and other rewards will soon be taxed has filled the blogosphere. But the rumors are heading down the runway before they've even got clearance. What's the real story from the IRS?

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Issa and Koskinen to Square Off Next Week Over Lost Emails

The menu for June 17 features specials on 13 companies that paid no taxes in Q1 of 2014, states offering businesses an abundance of tax credits, ex-Medtronic CEO defending former employer’s tax inversion deal, and more.

AAM Marketing Ideas: The Niche Strategy

If you want to earn a commanding presence in a target market, the clients need to know that you understand their unique concerns and that you are an expert in their sector. Professional alliances are the key.

Download GASB’s New Proposals for Retiree Benefit Plans

Three exposure drafts the GASB approved in May – two regarding other postemployment benefits and one on requirements for pension plans that fall outside of the board's pension rules – can now be accessed free of charge.

Working with the IRS: Post-April 15 Guidelines

Sure, tax preparers have a lot of work leading up to April 15. But there's plenty to do afterward, as the IRS starts reviewing the returns—and possibly finding mistakes.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Medtronic Riding ‘Tax Inversion’ Wave

The menu for June 16 features specials on lawmakers exasperated by lost Lois Lerner emails, the true cost of tax havens, Scott London said past year “worse than I could have ever imagined,” and more.

FRF for SMEs—Accounting for Certain Expenses

This webcast will focus on accounting and disclosure policies for certain expenses, accounting changes and risks and uncertainties.

Whether It's Golf or Business, You Need a Coach

Part mentors and part consultants, coaches can help everyone from staff accountants to managing partners. They can help us succeed on a professional and personal level.

Editor's Picks: Game of Thrones, CPA Edition; Get More Sleep; Customer Loyalty Discipline

Boldly linking where no site has linked before...okay, we've linked to these sites before.

How to Become a Retail CPA

Retailers have a different outlook on the client servicing process. CPAs would do well to emulate them, rather than just focusing on getting the work out and charging the most possible.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: Drop in Income Taxes Catches Many States by Surprise

The menu for June 13 features specials on House passing more business tax breaks, Eric Cantor defeat may stall offshore tax holiday proposal, protests over Walgreens’ possible reincorporation in Switzerland, and more.

IRS Prohibits End-Run around ACA Rules

The Service takes a stand against employers who figure they'll pay workers upfront for health insurance on the state or federal exchanges rather than provide coverage themselves.

FASB Tweaks Rule on Repo Agreements

New guidance issued by the standard-setting board on Thursday changes the accounting for repurchase-to-maturity transactions and repurchase financings, and adds two new disclosure requirements.