Clarified Auditing Standards: Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit

Normally, the risk of not detecting material misstatements due to fraud is higher than with error.

Comment Deadline Nears for GASB Proposals on Leases, Fiduciary Responsibilities

Stakeholders have until March 6 to submit comment letters and register to attend public hearings on both projects.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: 0.86% – the IRS Audit Rate for Individuals in 2014

The menu features specials on Intuit denies lax security claims, Hatch wants answers on Obamacare tax error, and more.

Special Tax Season Summary: What You Should Know about Bitcoin

Virtual currencies seem scary, but informed accountants can help clients explore new opportunities within IRS rules.

Convert Your Clients: Move Their Records Out of the Shoebox

Do your clients still have a record system out of the Victorian era? Maybe some new tools can help them—and you.

Transfer Pricing Audits: With Changes on the Horizon, Upfront Planning Is Key

Many companies consider transfer pricing a cross-border issue, but the reality often hits much closer to home.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Oops – Incorrect Tax Info Sent to 800,000 Obamacare Users

The menu features specials on feds grant Obamacare tax extension, ex-American Realty CAO drops lawsuit, and more.

8 Great Ways to Get New Accounting Clients with Public Speaking

By speaking on an area of expertise, you're seen as a credentialed, qualified professional—not a salesperson.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: IRS Warns Tax Professionals of New Phishing Scam

The menu features specials on the most effective tax-prep TV ads, sustainability accounting for investors, and more.

Our Friday Wrap-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

Tribute to an accounting trailblazer, a career in internal audit, being productive while traveling, and more.

Is Your Number Up? PTIN Rules You May Not Have Known

You know you need a PTIN—but learn little-known details that can save you hassles later.

When Should Married Couples Check 'Married, Filing Separately'?

There are serious legal and financial implications to your choices—know the rules before making a decision.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: New York Sues UPS Over Lost Cigarette Tax Revenues

The menu features specials on boards propose revisions to revenue standard, Caterpillar faces IRS penalties, and more.

New Report Identifies the Top 10 Risks Facing Corporate Executives in 2015

Cybersecurity continues to gain steam as a major risk, according to the study from Protiviti and NC State University.

IRS Is Allowing Taxpayers to Make Appointments at 10 Walk-in Assistance Centers

The IRS hopes the new appointment-based service approach will help taxpayers avoid long lines this tax season.

Why Your Firm's Next Niche Should be Business Valuation

Don't make tax season your only source of revenue. Business valuation offers a higher profit margin than tax.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: More CFOs Are Letting Employees Work from Home

The menu features specials on Deloitte names Punit Renjen global CEO, new FASB guidance on legal entities, and more.

My Quixotic Pursuit of Microsoft Excel for the Android Platform

It was easy, right? No, because we're dealing with Microsoft, and nothing is ever easy with Microsoft.

Clarified Auditing Standards: Quality Control—the Essential Points

A look at QC Section 10, "A Firm’s System of Quality Control," which contains quality systems, policies, and procedures.

Six Low-Key Ways to Make Your Fellow Alums Your Clients

People like working with professionals they already know. And you have many ways to know your fellow college alums.


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