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CPA Licensure, Circa 2014

The process for taking the Uniform CPA Exam continues to improve and evolve. Amber Setter will share her expertise to prepare candidates and their employers for licensure success.

IIA Seeks Input on Proposed Changes to Global Internal Audit Framework

A task force commissioned by the Institute of Internal Auditors recommended several major enhancements to the International Professional Practices Framework, including introduction of a mission statement and core principles.

Tax Inversion: What's the Real Story?

As you might imagine, the practice of tax inversion, and how to best resolve it, has provoked debate from both sides of the aisle. Only CEOs seem to like it, but no one knows how to stop it.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: IL Gov. Candidate’s Use of an Overseas Tax Haven

The menu for August 4 features specials on why all tobacco taxes should be equal, shareholders get the shaft in tax inversion deals, activist investors also looking at tax-beneficial mergers, and more.

Maximizing Excel's Alt-Down Arrow Keyboard Shortcut

Alt-Down Arrow is one of the most versatile Excel keyboard shortcuts, giving users an easy means to speed through repetitive data entry, and more. Learn its three main uses.

Editor's Picks: 19th Century CPA Exam Questions; Take a Workation; The Psychology of Conflict

I'm gonna give you my links, I'm gonna give you my links. Wanna whole lotta links.

The Strange and Subtle Rules of Estimated Taxes

Everyone knows about paying estimated taxes, but that's just the beginning. The rules for calculating them are complex and the penalties can be severe—but there are safe harbors.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: SEC Turns to Deloitte for Top Accounting Job

The menu for July 31 features bipartisan efforts on tax refund fraud, a possible new chief accountant for the SEC, the battle against bank overdraft fees, and more.

Three Ideas for Replacing Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations are dying a slow death. Here are some suggestions for replacing your old appraisal methods with something that will benefit you and your employees better.

High Impact Excel: Data Validation Edition

Excel spreadsheets are often akin to the American Wild West, where users can input anything they want into any worksheet cell. Excel's Data Validation feature allows you to restrict user inputs to selected choices, but there are many nuances to the feature that often trip users up.

The Five Things Business Owners Need to Know

Do you have entrepreneurial clients? Here's a simple checklist to go over with CEOs to get them started on the right track to running a successful, fiscally responsible business.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: Did Lois Lerner Really Use That Word?

The menu for July 31 features yet another attempt on the estate tax, the revelation of Lois Lerner's salty language, Bank of America's mortgage fines, possible SEC reforms, and more.

Document Management Tips for Accounting Offices

Document management software is essential for accounting offices. With the right paperless office solution, you can organize all of your electronic and paper documents and keep them close by.

Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks: Auditing Cash Classifications—Part 1

Learning "how" to audit cash is mainly learning "when" to audit cash and to "what extent" cash auditing procedures should be applied.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: Are Restatements Becoming a Thing of the Past?

The menu for July 30 features bills on the highway fund, a study on the reduction of restatements, an examination of banks and ethics, a proposal to eliminate the IRS Commissioner and more.

What Documents Every Woman Should Have

One financial professional had to deal with a client who brought 25 pounds of paper to her first appointment. Here's how to stop that kind of behavior and get clients to act logically.

See How Tax Credits Can Save That Ancient House

There it stands, your client's 100-year-old, rickety, vermin-infested barn. Federal and state tax incentives can offset the costs of rehabbing an old building and make it valuable again.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: Late-Night TV Wins Tax Breaks

The menu for July 29 features yet another twist on inversions, controversial TV tax breaks, new data on who's fleeing high-tax states, an ASB amendment, another chance at energy tax breaks, and more.

Can Software Really Replace Accountants?

Changes are on the horizon that could empower accounting software users to the point when they don't need accountants any longer, and reduce the process to a turnkey program.

Disasters Come with Tax Breaks—Know the Rules

The tax code allows you to claim tax deductions for household damage caused by thefts, vandalism, fires, floods, hurricanes, and more. But the law imposes several restrictions.


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