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How to Find the Cap Gain Tax Balance

Accountants often have to deal with the results of any investment advice clients obtained during the year, so it's a good idea for them to become adept at the deceptively tricky cap gains rules.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Inventory Surfaces as Top Accounting Issue

The menu for August 27 features specials on seven US companies whose effective tax rates are shrinking, CFOs running the numbers on inversion, GOP Senate candidate calls for gas tax reduction, and more.

Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks: Auditing Inventories

Determining inventory quantities and values is an important management responsibility for the FRF for SMEs. There is, however, a difference from U.S. GAAP in some situations.

Study: Airlines Get $1 Billion in Fuel Tax Breaks Per Year

The report, released on Tuesday by UNITE HERE International Union, found that the US airline industry received tax breaks on more than 12 billion gallons of jet fuel in 2013 through obscure tax codes in 37 states.

The 7 Ways to Transition Your Practice

Accountants without a succession plan are hurting not only themselves but their clients as well. Here are seven ways to see your practice continues after you retire—some of them are better than others.

James Schnurr is the New Chief Accountant at the SEC

A former partner and vice chairman with Deloitte LLP, Schnurr, who recently retired from the firm, will head the SEC's Office of the Chief Accountant. He begins his new post in October.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Burger King’s Whopper of a Deal

The menu for August 26 features specials on two top House Republicans profited from inversion deal, GOP charges IRS with conflict of interest, judge questions shareholder deal in HP/Autonomy accounting fraud case, and more.

SEC Cracks Down on the Golf Course

Summer is a time for kicking back and playing a few round of golf with friends, for example. But if you're on the green, you'd better be careful: The SEC may be looking over your shoulder.

Issues Persist With GASB Standard on Impairment of Capital Assets

A review team recently concluded that accounting guidance for governments on capital asset impairments and insurance recoveries does provide pertinent information to financial statement users but does not resolve all issues underlying its purpose.

Don't Be Afraid to Sell…and Quote a Price

To set up the right value pricing for your client, you need to know what questions to ask first so you can later sell your value. Here are some tips on how you can better understand your client.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Is an Inversion Next on Burger King’s Menu?

The menu for August 25 features specials on the specter of Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts is haunting Republicans, a tax-avoidance strategy not as scrutinized as inversions, now’s the time to open a charitable-gift fund, and more.

Tax Forms: The 'Miscellaneous' Strategy

Yes, Schedule A is where itemizers claim deductions for miscellaneous expenses. But Schedule A is also a good place for some sophisticated tax planning—if you know the strict IRS rules.

Breaker 1-9: Highway Use Tax Returns Due September 2

The highway use tax applies to highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, which generally includes trucks, truck tractors, and buses. The Labor Day holiday pushed the due date for Form 2290 back two days.

Koskinen Places Blame for Long IRS Wait Times on Congress

During a speech at the National Society of Accountants' Annual Meeting on Thursday, the head of the IRS said wait times for phone service will increase through the rest of the year because of a lack of staff due to the agency's budget being slashed.

Can Project Management Be Poetic?

We're not sure if financial project management advice lends itself to poetry, but here's an attempt. Please enjoy this collection of project management verses with our compliments.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Meet the Treasury’s Inversions Point Man

The menu for August 22 features specials on PCAOB’s struggles with conflicts in audits, settlement forces Bank of America to set aside borrower tax relief, one accountant’s daily routine, and more.

Study Highlights Corporate Compliance Issues

When it comes to regulatory compliance and other key issues, the vast majority of companies are not operating at their highest financial planning and analysis potential, according to new report.

FASB Share-Based Payment Rule Gets Mostly Positive Review

However, private company stakeholders told a Financial Accounting Foundation review team that the 2004 accounting standard is sometimes difficult to understand and is costly to apply.


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