Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: More Shareholder Participation = Fewer Restatements

The menu features specials on more proposed changes to revenue rule, IRS tackles tax identity fraud, and more.

Clarified Auditing Standards: Internal Control Related Matters—Part 1

Auditors must communicate to those charged with governance and management significant deficiencies in internal control.

IMA: Total Compensation Up 7.1 Percent in 2014 for US Management Accountants

The median salary also increased by $4,000 from 2013 to 2014 for US IMA members, according to a new salary study.
Education & Careers

Many CFOs Predict Good Things When They Empower Their Employees

Research shows that CFOs may want to create a culture of increased autonomy—this can encourage employees to stay.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: What Gives Accountants the Most Enjoyment? Problem Solving

The menu features specials on consumers willing to combat tax fraud, House panel to vote on estate tax repeal, and more.

10 Steps to Help Accountants Navigate Today's Nonprofit World

Consider the following initiatives when striving to maintain a strong level of compliance with guidelines.

Taking Care of Tax Season Stress: What One Firm Has Been Doing

Accountants everywhere are in the home stretch of “busy season." Is there anything you can do about it?

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: The Role of Internal Auditors Is Turning More Strategic

The menu features specials on Deloitte names new audit practice leader, $18B in improper EITC payments, and more.

Know the Special Rules for Joint Return Rates for Surviving Spouses

There’s a special filing break for some widows and widowers. But learn about the significant conditions that apply.

The Refunds Are In—What Should Your Clients Do with the Cash?

For clients getting a tax refund, take the next step and make some suggestions on what they can do with the money.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Are CAE and Audit Committee Top Priorities in Sync?

The menu features specials on IASB outlines changes to lease accounting rules, Utah’s bout with tax fraud, and more.

How to Export QuickBooks Reports to Excel with Advanced Excel Options

Exporting reports from QuickBooks to Excel can be a hassle and lead to embarrassing errors. But QuickBooks has hidden options to make it easy.

7 Stupid Things Never to Say to Any of Your Accounting Clients

They slip out by accident, but leave a longstanding bad impression. Here are some clues in watching what you say.

Do Personal Feelings Intrude into the Sober World of Audits?

Are outside auditors likely to be swayed by their feelings about their clients' personnel? Sometimes, yes.

Bramwell’s Brunch Beat: More Vacant Accounting Jobs Are Expected In Q2

The menu features specials on small biz owners happy with accountants, internal control audits improving, and more.

TIGTA’s Top Cop Issues Warnings on Tax Scams at Senate Hearing

Timothy Camus cites schemes he calls “pernicious and dangerous" and "surprisingly effective and fast ways to steal money.”

Our Friday Wrap-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

Not bright enough for accounting, using Twitter, content marketing strategies, technology and training, and more.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: What Retirement? Dave Camp Lands at PwC as an Advisor

The menu features specials on road builders want gas tax hike, untangling new lease accounting rules, and more.
Education & Careers

How Chief Financial Officers Can Become Major Corporate Players

CFOs are no longer simply in charge of bill paying. They can now be key drivers of their corporations' futures.

Three Tips to Cross-Selling More Services to Your Tax Clients

Your clients already like your tax work—so use this as a springboard to launch new engagements.


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