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Excel Tip: Modelling and What-If? Analysis With Pivot Tables

This is one in a series of Excel Pivot Table Tutorials developed by AccountingWEB software consultant David Carter.

Tax Scofflaws Exposed

A list of 50 individuals and businesses owing delinquent taxes to the State of Maryland appeared on the Maryland Comptroller's web site yesterday. The list reflects approximately $10 million in unpaid taxes.Maryland is not the first state to attempt this type of public humiliation. Others participating in such a program include California, Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, New Jersey, New York City, and Washington D.C.

Perform an Audit from your Desk

Deloitte & Touche and Intacct have announced the formation of an agreement to co-develop a web-based accounting service that will be available by subscription to accounting firms everywhere.

Tips & Tricks to Stay Connected While on Vacation

Busy professionals have less and less leisure time these days thanks to an ever-increasing workload, responsibilities and duties. However, everyone - including the partner, owner, manager and staff, should spend time out of the office.That's good on paper, but how can you actually take a vacation and stay in touch with the office?

Bringing XML Into Mainstream Use

The recent popularity of XBRL or eXtensible Business Reporting Language has fueled the discussion regarding its namesake, XML.The latest news on the XML-front indicates that the reporting language is poised to move from high-end applications into mainstream use through various 'shrink-wrapped' software programs.For example, companies like Adobe Systems, Quark and even Microsoft have announced that XML will be used for various programs.The issue regarding whether high-level training on XML will be required for these off-the-shelf programs is being debated.

When Friends go Into Business Together ....

One of the more dated clichés is never do business with friends or relatives. However, in today's booming economy, doing business with friends, for example, makes sense in many ways thanks to a shared philosophy and mission.How do successful businesses between friends incubate? Very well, according to experts if timing is right and the friends remain friends.First, both parties must share the same goals, and that means more than just wanting to leave the current job for the other side of the fence.

PwC may Spin off Corporate Finance Unit

More changes are in store for PricewaterhouseCoopers and their massive restructuring.

Hackers Beware: EY Begins Online Security Checkpoint

Online security via e-business is serious stuff, and Ernst & Young is capitalizing on this effort through a new venture called ''Key to the effort is the ability for companies to go through a test to see how vulnerable or hacker-friendly their systems really are.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 48

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 48 June 23, 2000 Logon to http://www.accountingweb.comfor more resources. Don't know your membership logon details?

What Do HR Directors Want in a Resume?

Reprinted with permission from Financial Management Network.Though only 17 percent of jobseekers send their resumes electronically, twice that many human resources professionals named email their preferred method for receiving resumes, in a newly-released survey.

Quick Tips for Reducing Expenses has put together a collection of tips for the savvy small business owner.
Community News

An Analysis of Big 5 Independence Issues

A writer for CFO Europe examines the state of the world's Big 5 firms.Topics covered include auditor independence and quality, and how firms should go about separating audit from consulting practices.Click on the link below for the full commentary.
Community News

H&R Block Co-Founder Retires This Fall

Henry W. Bloch (yes, it's spelled right!) is planning to retire from his namesake firm, H&R Block in September. The departure is notable because it marks the first time a anyone with the last name of Bloch has not been at the firm since it began in 1946.The news also comes just after the company's first quarter earnings were announced April 30; earnings were up 10 percent from the same time in 1999.Named to head the firm will be Frank L. Salizzoni, currently CEO, who will become chairman.
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Moss Adams Strengthens Firm With L.A. Acquisition

Group 'B' firm Moss Adams has announced it will merge the Beverly Hills office of Braverman Codron into its practice.According to the Electronic Accountant, the merger provides Moss Adams a total of 27 offices, more than 140 partners and combined, annual revenues exceeding $140 million.Braverman Codron is a multi-faceted practice with nine partners and 45 employees. Annual revenues exceed $6 million.
Community News

ACCPAC Buys SBT Accounting Systems

Mergers and consolidations in the accounting software arena are commonplace these days. Now, it has just been announced that ACCPAC has purchased SBT Accounting Systems.The purchase adds the database accounting capabilities associated with SBT to ACCPAC's line of enterprise products.

AccountingWEB Begins Month-long Drive To Help Fight Diabetes

Help celebrate AccountingWEB's one-year anniversary as we lead the accounting community in a campaign to help fight DiabetesOn July 22, 2000, AccountingWEB will be celebrating its one-year anniversary.

AccountingWEB Hosts First Ever Live Press Conference!

The firm of SS&G Financial Services chose the AccountingWEB workshop room as its venue for announcing the merger of Greene & Wallace Certified Public Accountants with the SS&G Financial Services Group.

QuickBooks Consulting -- a Hot Topic With Accountants

There is a certain amount of frustration among accountants who provide QuickBooks consulting services for their clients. The program is written for non-accountants, but it is the accountants who must figure out how to explain it to their clients.

QuickBooks-Common Problems and Pitfalls, with Gail Perry

Gail PerryManaging EditorAccountingWEB, Inc.[Session Moderator] Welcome everyone! We have just about five more minutes before we get started.

Courtroom Update on Largest Accounting Fraud EVER!

How often do we get a glimpse into a really juicy trial concerning accounting violations?This update to our story published earlier this week revolves around the courtroom trial for CUC International and the alleged crimes by Cosmo Corigliano who mishandled finances for the company in the 1980s.The prosecutor begins with 'Don't we call that cooking the books?' Click on the link below to see the full conversation.


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