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'Cognitor' Could be new Designation for CPA

AccountingWeb has learned that the American Institute of CPAs plans to propose a value-added designation called 'cognitor,' on behalf of the accounting profession. The announcement was made during the AICPA's State CPA Society Interchange Conference, held in Tucson July 19-21.Based on research and development, the new name is designed to talk to issues about thought and knowledge, and to enlarge the CPA's skill set.

Are you Feeling Burned Out?

Are your employees feeling overwhelmed, irritable or just plain drained? Maybe it’s happening to you. Rest assured that you can solve the problem, it just takes a few corrections in the way work is approached.Make sure your company stresses the importance of balance. Even your best employees can be prone to burnout. People don’t function well if they are functioning constantly without an occasional break.Help employees understand the inner workings of the company.

Separating Death and Taxes

Separating Death and Taxesby Michael B. Allmon, CPAThe U.S. Congress, encouraged by popular sentiment, tried to separate death and taxes by voting to repeal the estate tax in July.

Microsoft’s New Version of Office in the Works

A crack team of engineers called NetDocs has been working since 1997 to re-think the current function of Microsoft Office. While updates of the current program featuring Word, Excel and Outlook e-mail still keep rolling out; growth for the program has been slowing down. The trouble is finding new users to take on the program. Thus, the hope for a new Office named Office.NET.When available, the new program will be offered as a subscription. Instead of buying the program outright, the user will rent it.

Health Care, Taxes Vex Small Business Owners

The National Federation of Independent Business has released its Small Business Problems & Priorities Survey in which 4,044 small businesses rank their toughest problems.The cost of health care has had a lock on the number one spot since 1986, and 47% of survey respondents cite the problem as 'critical.' "No other single problem can touch health costs in terms of either the unanimity or intensity of concern it generates among small business owners," according to William J. Dennis, Senior Research Fellow at the NFIB Education Foundation and author of the study.
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KPMG Takes a Stab at SEC Auditor Independence Proposals

Terry Strange, Global Managing Partner of Audit for KPMG, took the podium yesterday at the SEC auditor independence hearings, and offered his reservations about the hurried nature of the proposed auditor restrictions as well as the inappropriateness of the barriers to auditing firms providing non-audit services.Noting his complete support of the SEC's desire to modernize independence rules, Strange expressed two troubling aspects of the proposals:The bundling of the much needed revisions of existing rules on investments and family relationships

A Focus on the Secret Service Cyber-Crimes Unit

With more and more CPAs and their staffs specializing in fraud-related engagements, especially forensic accounting investigations, a look inside the Secret Services' cyber crime fighting division is a fascinating study in high-tech surveillance.Known as the Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program (ECSAP), the division itself has grown over 900 percent in the last three years. Announces Formation of Three Strategic Partnerships

HIGHLAND PARK, IL - July 27, 2000 -, a radically new web-based payroll system, announces it has created strategic partnerships with American Express, Compubank and continues to aggressively push into the small business arena. Its 100% web-based payroll solution has already simplified the tedious and time-consuming back-office task of processing payroll for companies throughout the country.
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Deloitte Demonstrates Commitment to Women's Issues

Deloitte & Touche has released the findings of a survey conducted late last year regarding women in elected positions, particularly as president of the United States.According to CEO James Copeland Jr., the firm commissioned the survey to demonstrate its commitment to women's issues.

It's Mickey Mouse: How Copyright Law Affects Accounting

In many situations, matters like copyright infringement directly affect the accounting profession in a number of ways. Why?It's easy to understand that big business wants to protect its assets. Take the case of Disney, who banks on the fact that Mickey Mouse is spared any public domain once the character's copyright period expires.Based on a 1998 law enacted by Congress called the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA), companies like Disney can hold on to a copyright for a term as long as 20 more years.

CPAvenue Launches Virtual Office for Accounting Firms

CPAvenue Launches Virtual Office for Accounting Firms(teams with leading ASP, huddle247, Inc.)ASP "Virtual Office" product launched by Charles R. McCann,CPA, former managing partner of now CBIZ company, Mayer Hoffman McCannKansas City, MO and Santa Ana, CA--July 25, 2000--Charles R. McCann, CPA, President of Q3Avenue, LLC announced today the launch of CPAvenue, a remote-hosted, subscription-based ASP "Virtual Office" for small and medium size accounting firms.

Global Tax Network's 2000 Online Tax Organizer

Global Tax Network announces the latest version of its online tax organizer, including download support for Prosystem fx, GoSystem, and Lacerte software.Global Tax Network (gtn) is an online service that provides an easy to use, convenient online tax organizer for use by individual tax clients. The online organizer supplements existing professional tax software programs. GTN’s online tax organizer allows tax preparers to download client information directly into their tax preparation software.

Columbia Law Professor Offers Auditor/SEC Compromise

"The contemporary auditing firm has moved from providing a single service at relatively modest cost to becoming a multi-faceted vendor of business advisory services," according to Professor John C. Coffee, Jr. of the Columbia Law School who testified today in the auditor independence hearings before the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Deltek Systems Releases Findings of 18th Annual 1999 Operating Statistics Survey of A/E/C Firms

McLean, Virginia – July 26, 2000 - Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK) ( Deltek Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software and solutions for professional services firms, today announced the results of its 1999 Operating Statistics (OPSTATS) Survey of firms in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industries. The survey results are available now by request and via download from Deltek’s Web site at and Shuman, which Deltek acquired in 1998, first conducted the survey in 1981.
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CPA Firms Testify (Briefly) Before SEC

The SEC set aside one hour today for representatives from three of the Big 5 CPA firms to make their claims that proposed auditor independence guidelines would impede progress, prevent firms from attracting professionals with necessary specialized skills, reduce competition among CPA firms, increase costs of services, and in general make life miserable for CPA firms that provide consulting services along with traditional auditing services.Stating that CPA firms already enjoy a high level of independence standards and professional ethics, such standards and ethics being applicable to consult

Maintaining Independence Within the CPA Firm

Today, the SEC is beginning its hearings related to independence within an accounting and consulting firm, and are set to hear testimony from representatives of government and the Big 5.How does a CPA firm maintain independence when delivering both audit and consulting services?


Auditors should audit. It's that simple.July 28 - Speaking Wednesday at the SEC hearings, the chairman of TIAA-CREF related his story of the results of a bad audit. This experience has caused him to adopt an extremely strict rule when it comes to using audit services.
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Showdown with the SEC

Representatives from CPA firms, educational institutions, and accounting regulatory agencies will present testimony today before the Securities & Exchange Commission in an attempt to have their say about the proposed guidelines to limit the auditors’ scope of services.

Litigation Specialist Named to top Spot at CALCPA

The California Society of CPAs has named Donald L. Gursey president of the organization.A Los Angeles CPA with the firm of Gursey, Schneider & Co., LLP, he has conducted audits of companies in the insurance and entertainment industries, and has been appointed by the U.S.

Low Unemployment Isn't Good for Everyone

We usually think of today's four percent U.S. unemployment rate as a good thing, right?Not always. Few realize that four percent equals 5.6 million Americans who are without a job. Critics are sharp to criticize that anyone--these days--can find a job, but in some cases, this may not be true.'Americans, particularly those who graduated a number of years ago, face structural unemployment where the skills possessed do not match the skills needed to fill the positions that are vacant,' says Dr. Steven E.


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