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Some Taxpayers Make Their Own Tax Cuts

book in which the tax-dodging secrets of the rich and famous are revealed. According to Mr.

IRS Appoints New E-Mail Czar

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the selection of Kevin Belden as the new Chair for the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). The ETAAC serves as a public forum for discussion of Electronic Tax Administration issues whereby taxpayers are encouraged to transact and communicate electronically with the IRS.Kevin Belden replaces Peter Hosokawa, who recently resigned from the committee. Mr.

Banks Tightening Lending Terms to Businesses

According to a Federal Reserve survey conducted in January, bank loan officers have continued to tighten their lending terms, particularly to riskier firms. Worried that business borrowers may have a hard time repaying loans with the economy growing so slowly was cited as the main reason for the stricter standards. Over half of the 54 U.S.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 88

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 88March 30, 2001This Newswire Sponsored by: AndersenThis Week's News From AccountingWEB1. Wells Fargo Buys H.D. Vest for $127 Million2. Accenture Considering IPO3. Partners - A Little Disagreement Can Improve Revenues4. Pro2Net Calls it Quits5. IRS Finds New Way to Track Tax Miscreants6. Outsourcing the Practice Development Function – Workshop7.

Tax Tip: Where To File Your Tax Return

Once you complete your 2000 federal tax return, you can either file it electronically or mail it to the IRS. If you choose to mail your return, be sure to read your tax instruction booklet carefully to find the address of the IRS center for your area.For this year, the IRS has changed its filing locations for individual taxpayers in 12 states - Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, West Virginia, and Wyoming. This is part of a redistribution of work among the 10 IRS centers that will be completed in 2002.

The Streamlined Sales Tax System Project

The Streamlined Sales Tax Project is an effort created by state governments, with input from local governments and the private sector, to simplify and modernize sales and use tax collection and administration. The Project’s proposals will incorporate uniform definitions within tax bases, simplified audit and administrative procedures, and emerging technologies to substantially reduce the burdens of tax collection.
Community News

Top Training Companies List Includes CPA Firms

In its March 2001 issue, Training Magazine, one of the top training magazines in the USA, has unveiled its list of the Top 50 Training Organizations in the United States. Among the winners are Andersen (ranked #3) and Michigan-based Plante & Moran, (ranked #28).How do they do it?For Andersen, a couple of notable programs include the firm's coaching and mentoring program, its Global Management Part

Meet the 21st Century Taxpayer

A new report, The 21st Century Taxpayer: Tax Compliance Enters the Information Age, has been issued by the business and technology consulting firm, American Management Systems.The report, which analyses trends obtained through interviews with CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, entrepreneurs, taxpayers, and technology experts, reveals the following expectations of the taxpayer of the future: Continued desire for access to information

Succession Planning - Ensuring the Future of Your Firm

Structuring clear concise career paths for new recruits and staff is a powerful tool to ensure longevity and growth within your firm. By designing and incorporating a succession plan, you are investing in the firm's future leadership.

What Should You Do if Your Identity is Stolen?

A recent article on provides these helpful tips if you suspect you are or have been a victim of identity theft.Here is a step-by-step guide to clearing your good name:Contact the three major credit bureaus. Equifax: (800) 685-1111; Experian: (800) 311-4769; and Trans Union: (800) 888-4213. Ask them to place a fraud alert on your credit report.

Whatever Happened to Paul Dunn?

Paul Dunn founded Results Accountants Systems and the Accountants' Boot Camp process in 1992 in Australia. RAS quickly gained a huge reputation of offering innovative, results-producing training, due in no small part by Mr. Dunn's innovative leadership. But recently, Paul Dunn, the charismatic and energetic founder of RAS, has all but disappeared from the accounting profession's radar screen.

Outsourcing the Practice Development Function

Outsourcing the Practice Development FunctionPresented by Jeff PawlowCEO, The Growth PartnershipContact Jeff at jpawlow@thegrowthpartnership.comMarch 27, 2001, 4:00-5:00 p.m. ESTVisit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryThis is a summary of the topics that were covered in the workshop.

NCCPAP Leaders Push Washington for Simpler Tax Codes

Members of the leadership of the National Conference of CPA Practitioners recently testified before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee in Washington DC on tax issues.Members of the Lake Success based National Conference of CPA Practitioners NCCPAP), the only professional organization representing only practicing Certified Public Accountants, recently offered testimony to the United States Senate Finance Committee.

Tax Tip: Obtain a Copy of a Prior Year Tax Return

There are times when you may need a copy of your prior year federal tax return, a transcript of a return or tax account information. A phone call to the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or a visit to the IRS Web site may easily solve your problem. There are several different options available depending on how quickly you need the information. If you need a photocopy of a previously processed tax return, complete Form 4506, "Request for Copy or Transcript of Tax Form," and mail it to the IRS address listed on the form for your area.
Community News

Accenture Considering IPO

Although insiders at Accenture are not confirming the reports, industry insiders claim the consulting firm is seriously considering taking itself public in the near future. Reports indicate that the 71,300-employee company is moving beyond the umbrella of consulting to include venture capital, business incubation, and outsourcing services as part of its practice.The firm released revenue figures last week, which showed a rise of 10% over 1999.

IRS Finds New Way to Track Tax Miscreants

Call it clever, or just plain dumb luck, but IRS agents in Alabama have stumbled upon a new way to track taxpayers who are not reporting certain income.
Community News

Wells Fargo Buys H.D. Vest for $127 Million

In one of the first bank deals of its kind, Wells Fargo & Co. said Friday that it will pay about $127 million in cash for H.D. Vest, a large Irving, Texas-based financial planning firm that provides services through 6,000 independent tax and financial advisers.H.D.

Tax Tip: Forms and Publications - How To Order

The Internal Revenue Service has many forms and free publications on a wide variety of topics to help you understand and meet your tax filing requirements. These forms and publications are available on the Internet, on CD-ROM, through fax on demand, over the telephone, through the mail, at local IRS offices, at some banks, post offices, and libraries, and even at some grocery stores, copy centers and office supply stores. If you know what form or publication you need, call the IRS toll-free forms number at 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).

IRS Announces Extensions May Be Filed By Telephone

The following article is provided courtesy of CCH, Inc.The IRS has announced that taxpayers seeking extensions for filing their returns can automatically extend their filing deadline four months by phone, computer or by filing a Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, by the April 16 filing deadline.

Partners - A Little Disagreement Can Improve Revenues

Do you and your fellow partners agree on almost everything? If so, you could be damaging the bottom line and threatening the very existence of your mid-size CPA firm. Believe it or not, too much consensus - where owners allow the majority to rule or in those rare instances when all owners really do agree - can harm your revenues and damage your ability to interact, plan, and run the firm cooperatively and profitably. How Consensus Can HurtYou may ask, "Aren't partners supposed to agree? What about the 'united we stand' concept?


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