Long-Term Growth Strategy a Positive ‘Leap of Faith’ for Sorenson and Company CPA

For Bryan Sorenson, making his practice a success is not only about finding his niche and being a partner to his clients, but also caring about them as individuals and taking the time to be more than just a number cruncher. He separates himself from the competition by being there for his clients and having a smart growth strategy.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Gamers Bash Camp Tax Proposal

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for February 27.

Don't Forget to Hit the Pause Button This Busy Season

We're still uncool at our house. We have three remotes to control our TV, BlueRay, sound system, Apple TV, etc. Our son comes to visit and asks why we don't get one of the new-type remotes where you can do it all from one or why don't we use our iPad or iPhone.

Reactions Varied on Tax Reform Plan

As you might expect, there were plenty of opinions from business groups, corporations, and legislators about the tax reform plan unveiled by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) yesterday. Views ranged from overwhelming support to staunch opposition.

Here It Is … Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Discussion Draft

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) this afternoon released his much-anticipated tax reform plan, the Tax Reform Act of 2014. If you want to read all 979 pages of it, you can download it here.

Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks - Part 10: Planning and Performing the Audit

The effectiveness of an auditor’s planning process ultimately determines the efficiency with which an engagement can be performed. Following is an outline of some of the initial steps in planning an engagement, called the “preplanning phase.”

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: SMBs Tout AICPA Framework

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for February 26.

SASB Rolls Out New Standards for the Financials Sector

First, it was health care. Now the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has unveiled its second set of provisional accounting standards, this one for industries in the financials sector.

It’s Not Too Late to Make Tax Season Less Taxing

Busy season has begun, but most CPAs likely have not reached that stage of eighty-hour workweeks and gallons of coffee. It’s still early enough to make a few adjustments to your processes and client management strategies to avoid excess stress.

Overview of the AICPA’s Financial Reporting Framework for Small- and Medium-Sized Entities (FRF for SMEs)

This webinar presents an overview of the FRF for SMEs. The materials discuss the concepts and principles in the AICPA’s new special purpose framework.

Accounting’s Got ‘Game’: Bank On It Designed to Engage High Schoolers

A new accounting game launched this month by the American Institute of CPAs, Bank On It, challenges high school students on accounting fundamentals and real-world workplace scenarios in the context of an online board game.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Tomorrow Is Camp’s Big Day

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for February 25.

How to Overcome Shyness and Become More Comfortable in Networking Situations

I recently saw a discussion on LinkedIn about helping a consultant's client overcome their fear and reluctance to participate in networking. I've written several books on the topic of personal marketing, most notably "Best Practices of Marketing Professional Services" for the AICPA and "Best Practices of Networking for Attorneys."

PwC Survey: No Let Up In Fraud at US Companies

Forty-five percent of organizations in the United States experienced some type of fraud in the past two years, more than the global average of 37 percent, according to a recent global survey from Big Four firm PwC. In addition, two types of economic crimes are particularly on the rise: accounting fraud and bribery and corruption.

AICPA Sends Array of Legislative Tax Proposals to Congress

In a February 19 letter sent to the top tax legislators in Congress, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) outlined a set of proposals that would simplify or make technical corrections to the nation’s tax code.

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: The SEC Is Down with Big Data

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for February 24.

Three Problems Caused by Employee Turnover and Implications of an Inefficient Hiring Process

Employee turnover, in industries like accounting, has always been a problem. Too often, revolving workforces lead to increased training costs, inconsistent production, poor morale, and, consequently, reduced or limited profits.

Unresolved Client Issues Take Money Out of Your Pocket

In my February 18 webinar on "Understanding the Client Experience," a participant asked what can be done about negative customer comments on the web, that "may or may not be true."

Bramwell's Lunch Beat: The Fixes Are in for FATCA

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for February 21.
Education & Careers

Individual Leadership: Achieving Professional Excellence by Raising the BAR

BAR is an acronym for: Boundaries, Authority and Role. This simple tool will provide participants with a solid understanding of leadership essentials to improve their performance.