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SEC Chairman Levitt Pleads with Congress

SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt is hopeful that members of Congress will allow him to move forward with plans to limit the scope of services that auditors can perform.

Rossotti Remains at IRS Through 2002

According to a story published in the Electronic Accountant, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rossotti will remain in office after the presidential election and through November 2002.Speculation surrounding Rossotti's departure have circulated for months. Many were certain he would leave in favor of the private sector.

Andersen and CFO Magazine Honor top Financial Officers

CFO magazine and Arthur Andersen, LLP have released the coveted list of the top CFOs.According to the magazine, those honored 'has broken through the traditional boundaries of finance, creating value in innovative ways, and delivering it on a consistent basis.'Winners and their categories include: Larry Kellner of Continental Airlines for Information/Knowledge Management; Larry Carter of Cisco Systems Inc.

Guidance From Noted Practitioners

Guidance From Noted PractitionersNEW BOOK FROM CCH DETAILSHOW PROFESSIONALS CAN AVOID TAX MALPRACTICE (RIVERWOODS, ILL., October 11, 2000) . A casual conversation on a golf course, the inexperience of seasonal office help or a carelessly worded advertisement can all lead to embarrassing and costly claims for tax malpractice, according to CCH INCORPORATED (CCH) a leading provider of tax and business law information and software.

CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey

2000 CCH Unscheduled Absence SurveyEmployers see Decline in Unscheduled Employee Absences, but Continued High Cost of No-shows Still Plagues Employers!Rate Declines, But Costs Continue to Inch UpwardMost Employees Staying Home For Reasons Other Than Physical Illness.Unscheduled employee absenteeism declined for the second consecutive year, reaching the lowest level in 10 years, but the high cost of worker no-shows continued to hit employers hard, according to the findings of the 2000 CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey conducted by CCH INCORPORATED (CCH),

Tax Timeline a Must-Read for Preparers

Fortune magazine has put together an insightful look at 75 years of Taxation with a new timeline.Beginning with the Revenue Act of 1926 and ending with Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers' crackdown on corporate tax shelters in 2000, the timeline puts all taxation highlights in order and with brief descriptions.A chart of tax revenue collected also is included; in 1930, the figure was $3 million, compared to almost $2 billion in 2000!
Community News

Amazon Chooses Underdog for Credit Card Program

We all knew this was bound to happen sooner or later ... is getting into the credit card business with their own version of a branded affinity card.They have selected NextCard to handle the business.

Burning the Midnight Oil: Longer Work Hours

It's the way of the world.

Is Your Web Site Too Big?

The latest survey of web page size and load times conducted by ZDNet reveals that many webmasters still need to sign up for cyber-Weight Watchers!While many web pages have decreased in size over the past few years, the average web site is still much larger than it ideally should be. A study of 150 web sites calculated the median weight (the average number of kilobytes of data on a homepage) at 89KB. Experts recommend an optimum median weight of 60KB. Size determines how fast pages load into your browser's window.

Spotlight on Richard Oppenheim

AccountingWEB ProfileRichard Oppenheim, CPAFounder and CEOSysTrust Services Richard Oppenheim is a Renaissance Man who Continues to Pursue ChallengesThe Renaissance age was filled with intriguing geniuses who invented, painted, sculpted, achieved success, resurrected themselves from failure, and challenged the world around them.
Practice Management

40 Steps to Becoming a Trusted Advisor

David Maister, author of "The Trusted Advisor," joined AccountingWEB in an online workshop today for a unique perspective of what it takes to become a successful advisor in today's competition-rich professional world.

Top Books of the Top 100

Recently, Accounting Today announced its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting for the year. While the list itself is impressive, we thought we'd bring to you the list of the top books that are shaping these top minds.You may find out more about these books by clicking on the cover, and yes, you can buy them right from your desktop!So here they are . .

EY's new Webcasts Target Entrepreneurs

A new effort by Ernst & Young to reach 35,000 entrepreneurs is designed to promote the firm's new 'Excelerate To Win' program.EY has partnered with various content providers to present a series of Webcasts called 'Winning Strategies for Fast-Paced Ventures.' The first broadcast, 'Protecting Your Intellectual Property' will be held Oct. 24 on the firm's Web site, with five more scheduled each Tuesday following the initial broadcast.The firm hopes this new strategic program will help businesses grow for the long term.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor, with David Maister

Becoming a Trusted AdvisorWorkshop presented by: David MaisterTuesday October 17, 2000Workshop sponsored by the International Group of Accounting FirmsMichael Platt: We are delighted to be joined today by David Maist

Bridge21 Announces Fall Seminar Dates

KC Truby, president of Bridge21, recently announced his firm’s fall seminar series. The four seminars will be held in San Francisco, Atlanta, Baltimore and Los Angeles. Bridge21, America’s largest trainer of accounting software, supports over 700 accountants in 115 offices nationwide.
Community News

Andersen to Construct Times Square Skyscraper

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a renewed New York City Times Square, Arthur Andersen, LLP has announced it will build a new office tower on Broadway, between 41st and 42nd Streets.Perhaps, though, the real news is that the tower competes directly with rival Ernst & Young, already under construction one block over at Seventh Ave. and 42nd Street.The deal for the new Andersen tower has yet to be finalized.

B2B Marketplaces Bring Frustrating ROI

Experts said the B2B (Business-to-Business) revolution was going to change the way companies integrated their services with one another. For the most part, the technology in place has done wonders in advancing the "integration" side, but how realistic have expectations been with regard to Return on Investment (ROI)?The most obvious use of B2B is to use it as a sales channel.

Why is Real Property tax Appeal so Important?

It’s a mystery why virtually every commercial property owner is not filing (or at least considering) a real property tax appeal. While there may be some nominal expenses involved in the bringing of such an appeal and an appeal must be carefully evaluated before it is initiated, the benefits significantly out weigh the risk. In states such as New York, the only consequence of a real property tax appeal is beneficial. Essentially, the only thing that can happen – even in those few cases where there is no merit – is that the appeal is either abandoned or withdrawn.

Refresher on Tax Deductions for Small Business

Most tax professionals advise their clients who own small businesses that they are much more likely to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service than anyone who is employed by another company.


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