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Deltek Adds Necho Travel Expense Automation System to ET Enterprise™ Application Suite

McLean, Virginia – April 24, 2000 – Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK).

Will it be a Palm Christmas?

As the holiday season approaches palm manufacturers prepare for the already booming market to continue growing. International Data Corp. expects a 55.9% expansion in the world of personal digital assistants (PDA) this year.In the course of this competition, the consumer wins out.

Spotlight on: Susan Waters

AccountingWEB ProfileSusan Waters, CAEExecutive DirectorCalifornia Society of CPAs Susan Waters Tackles the Tough Issues as the new CALCPA Executive DirectorSusan Waters has dealt with doctors, lawyers and the insurance industry during her 27-year professional career.
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Complete Transcripts - all SEC Testimony

Read what all of the witnesses have had to say about the SEC's proposed auditor independence guidelines. The SEC has published all of the transcripts of all testimonies from public hearings held on July 26, September 13, September 20, and September 21.The SEC has suggested guidelines to limit the scope of services that accounting firms conducting audits of publicly held companies can perform.

Resumes for Today's High-Tech Business Environment

The resume produced on paper and sent through the regular mail is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

IMA Names New President

MONTVALE, NJ (September 21, 2000) - Robert E. Bell, Jr., CMA, CPA, the current CEO of Hickory Brands, Inc. (NC) is the new President-Elect, 2000-2001, for the Institute of Management Accountants. He was named at IMA's 81st Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA and assumed office on July 1. In 2001, Mr. Bell will succeed Frank C. Minter, CPA, Executive-in-Residence for the School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL.Mr.

Resumes That Work with Today's Technology, with Susan Ireland

Resumes That Work with Today's TechologyPresented by SUSAN IRELAND, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume"Session Moderator: I'd like to welcome everyone here today and thank you all for attending. Today's presenter is Susan Ireland.

The Web's Everywhere ... Even in NYC Taxis

Living in a wired world is great, but are we sometimes too wired for our own good?New York City dwellers and tourists alike can now surf the Web on a Palm VII in certain taxi cabs outfitted for the Web, thanks to a deal between Yahoo! and Medallion Financial Group.Even though there are only 10 cabs with the Palm devices, this is a pilot project set to stay in effect until March 2001, at which time an evaluation will be done to determine if more cabs should be wired.The program is part of the Yahoo Every

Teaching: A new and Obvious Role for CFOs

CFO magazine reports that CFOs are recognizing the need to educate others in the knowledge they have learned over the course of their careers.Although only a small percentage of CFOs are actually leaving the profession to teach in the classroom, there are a number of other ways to communicate the knowledge learned. Areas of CFO expertise include subjects like Internet financial models, and compensation and benefits. CFOs also can bring value-added questions to shareholder meetings.Why is this a trend now--all of a sudden?
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PwC Enhances CRM With new Partnership

PricewaterhouseCoopers hopes to enhance the way it consults with companies on customer integration work through a new partnership with GE Global Exchange Services (GXS).The first joint activity will provide an opportunity for customers to connect package software applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relation Management to GXS's enterprise application integration production suite.The goal is to provide a means for clients to turn an activity like a sale into the actual delivery of goods or
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Are you concerned about the SEC proposed guidelines to limit the scope of services performed by accounting firms? It's not too late to voice your opinion.The SEC is still accepting written responses to the proposed guidelines, until September 25.
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Accounting Professionals Speak Out in Online Forum

Members of the accounting profession joined together Tuesday in an Open Forum sponsored by AccountingWEB and voiced their views on the proposed SEC hearings on auditor independence.
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SEC Hearings, Final Day: Schedule of Witnesses

In response to requests for additional time to present views, the SEC has added an additional day of testimony to its Day Three schedule of auditor independence hearings. The final day of testimony will be Thursday, September 21, in Washington, D.C.The following people are scheduled to testify:8:30 am: Panel 1 Robert K. Elliott, ChairmanBarry Melancon, President and Chief Executive OfficerHarold L.

CCH Annual Consumer Taxes Survey

CONTACT:MARY DALE NEIL ALLEN847-267-2179allenn@cch.comSTATES STAY THE COURSE WITH GAS, SALES, CIGARETTE TAXES(RIVERWOODS, ILL., September 11, 2000) – It may be a small consolation, but motorists in a few states will be paying lower gas taxes on their high-priced gas this summer, according to CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and business law and software.
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SEC Hearings, Day Three: Schedule of Witnesses

Schedule of Witnesses for Public Hearing on Auditor IndependenceSchedule of AppearancesPublic Hearing9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.The Securities & Exchange Commission is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, September 20, in connection with its proposed rule amendments regarding auditor independence.

CCH Incorporated Survey

CONTACT:NEIL ALLEN847-267-2179allenn@cch.comMARY DALE WALTERS847-267-2038mediahelp@cch.comACCOUNTANTS ON THE INTERNET 2000(RIVERWOODS, ILL., August 23, 2000) – Here are some additional findings from the CCH Accountants on the Internet 2000 survey, released today by CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and business law information and software.85 percent of accountants who use the Internet for business reasons say that they have visited the Internal Revenue Service site and it is, far and away,

CCH Accountants on the Internet 2000 Survey by Harris Interactive

CONTACTS:NEIL MARY DALE WALTERS847-267-2038mediahelp@cch.comACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS HAVE EMBRACED THE INTERNET, ARE MOVING QUICKLY TO REAP THE BENEFITS, SAYS CCH SURVEYIt’s a regular part of their daily workWeb sites for firms are growing in number, scopePotential to benefit in the new economy is encouraging(RIVERWOODS, ILL, August 23, 2000) – They’ve tried it, they like it and it has become part of their daily business lives.

Internet Monitor: Which Search Engine?

We all have our favorite search engine, but which one is actually the best? Every three months, NPD New Media Services conducts a survey of the major search engines to measure how visitors use those services. The results for the last quarter show Google taking the top place alongside iWon. The latter's popularity is related partly to its free lottery draw.Google claims that its index has broken the one billion page mark, making it the largest web page database.

Germans Can Surf Once Again

German Chancellor Gerhard Shröder rescinded an earlier plan to impose a tax on personal use of the Internet in the workplace.

Employee Training, with Christy Matheson

Session Moderator: Thanks for joining us today for our workshop on employee training. We are excited that Christy Matheson, a human resources specialist with AtWork Solutions could join us today. Christy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our topic.Christy Matheson: Hello- I’m glad that you are attending today. I hope that this information will helpful to you.


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