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Spotlight on August Aquila

AccountingWeb ProfileAugust Aquila, Ph.D.Vice President Mergers & AcquisitionsAmerican Express Tax and Business Services, Inc.A Deep Knowledge of the Accounting Profession Leads to Continuous SuccessOn any given day, you can find August Aquila deeply embedded in any number of pursuits: advisor, author, managing editor, teacher, marketing consultant … you name it, and he’s probably doing it—or probably has done it some time during his 28-year career span.Mr.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 68

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 68November 10, 2000Members Logon to for full access to all our resources.Don't know your Logon Membership Details?Go to ht

Gateway Invents Plug 'n' Play Web Appliances

Gateway has partnered with America Online to produce a device called the Connected Touch Pad, a tabletop appliance that can surf the Internet using AOL. At a price of $599, the system comes with a 10-inch touch screen to enable users to access email and surf the Web. The typical AOL monthly fee is extra.Another new jointly-produced device is called the Connected Music Player, and is designed to play audio files stored on a PC into a stereo system or MP3 player.

Hot Topic of Digitial Signatures Addressed by IBM

For the last several years, digital signatures and the encryption of data for sending private files over the Internet, have been hot topics for the CPA community.

Shakeup at Speech Recognition Software Leader

Soon, the name of one of the most popular speech recognition software providers may be changed due to the resignation of the company's namesakes.An SEC investigation into financial statement irregularities related to licensing issues in Europe have forced Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie, co-chairs of Lernout & Hauspie, to resign their positions. They will be replaced by Roel Pieper, formerly the head of Tandem Computers Inc.

KPMG to Delay Consultancy IPO

The initial public offering of KPMG's consultancy business, which was covered extensively in the press earlier this year, has been delayed until probably early 2001 according to sources close to the firm.The primary reason for the current delay is the current volatility of the markets, a situation unlikely to end until sometime next year. Previously this year, the firm had held off on floating the stock due to the uncertainly concerning negotiations with the SEC regarding the role consultancy is to play in the future of the accounting profession.

Technology Planning in the New Millennium, with Geoff Wold and Jeffrey Locketz

Presented by Geoff Wold and Jeffrey Locketz, LBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP

Future of Bluetooth is Sketchy

Many CPAs and accounting professionals have heard about the advantages of Bluetooth technology and the advances this wireless protocol will make within offices and firms.

IMA Controllers' Conference Focuses on Value Proposition

The Institute of Management Accountants' (IMA) Controllers' Conference, "Leading Value Creation from the Finance Function," will be held Feb. 11-13 at the Renaissance Hotel Orlando-Airport.This interactive conference is designed to increase the understanding of the value proposition, or the perception that drives customers to grant their business to a selected firm.

Impact of the Vote on News Sites

In the midst of waiting to see who wins the presidential election, the most popular news sites on the Web reported a very busy day on Tuesday, as well as an expected significant increase in Web site hits since the last election in 1996.For example, MSNBC reported its largest day in history. The day peaked around 12-1 p.m.
Practice Management

Technology Planning in the New Millennium

Technology Planning in the New MillenniumAccountingWEB WorkshopThursday, November 9, 2000, 4:00-5:00 Eastern timeJoin Geoff Wold and Jeff Locketz, partners in LBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP, in their live workshop presentation, "Technology Planning in the New Millennium."Taking the position that technology is always going to be changing, Mssrs.

Joint Ventures Make Big Bucks for Fast-Growing Companies

Joint ventures are paying off for America’s fastest growing companies, and making a huge contribution to the economy.American companies expect to contribute 10.6% of their business assets to joint ventures this year, yet generate 12% of their revenue growth in return – and these figures are set to double over the next two to three years. But JVs are about more than pure growth. Because they enable participants to share risks and leverage complementary resources, they are highly prized for the efficiencies they produce, and their effectiveness in increasing profit margins.

The Increasing Role of Marketing In Your Firm's Success

An interview with Scott H. Cytron, owner of Cytron and Company. Scott delivers communications and public relations services to professional services organizations throughout the country. Scott’s writings have been published in many trade publications, including The Journal of Accountancy, The CPA Letter, Accounting Technology, The CPA Software News and the Ohio CPA Journal. Q: Do you think marketing has gained importance in the profession?

Recover Delinquent Accounts Quickly and Easily!

A service offered by National Credit Systems Inc. (NCS) charges a low, flat fee to place an account in collection. You will pay no commission unlike many collection agencies that may charge you 30% and more of the collections. You can place a delinquent account of any size in collection as soon as 60 days past due, when you have a better chance of recovering the money. NCS will recover the money and have the payment sent directly to you. For more details, e-mail customer service at or call 800-363-7215, ext.
Community News

Accenture Announces New Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

Accenture, the firm formerly known as Andersen Consulting, announces its first outside appointment with the addition of Pat Anslinger to the global management team.Pat Anslinger is the new Global Head for Mergers & Acquisitions. Mergers & Acquisitions is part of the firm's Strategy and Business Architecture practice, which will focus on the agendas of senior executives.

Five-Term Senator William Roth Defeated in Delaware

The identity of the new president may not be determined for weeks, but there is a new look to the Senate that will have a significant effect on the way things get done in the future.Senator William Roth, chairman of the Senate Finance committee, and originator of the Roth IRA, was defeated in Delaware last night.

NYC Tax Cut is a $190 Million Boon for Residents

Based on tremendous fiscal gains, a tax cut recommended by Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, and passed by a New York City Council committee, is expected to save residents $190 million.Although it still needs to be passed by the full Council--and it looks as if it will--the city tax cut is expected to coincide with a drop in the New York State income tax, bringing with it a savings of $327 for a family with two children earning $100,000, and $73 for a single person earning $25,000.The philosophy on the part of the Council committee was to return money to the taxpayers because of the recovery occur
Community News

San Diego D&T Awarded for Best Place to Work

The San Diego office of Deloitte & Touche was named one of the 'Best Places to Work' in San Diego county by the Work-Life Coalition of San Diego.The organization presented the award to D&T, as well as awards to several other businesses, during a Leaders in Work-Life ceremony in early November.D&T tied for first place in the 50-500 employee category, and was given the honor for the firm's support in helping employees balance activities between work and home.

How to Manage a Consultant

What's the role of the outside consultant(s) in your organization, and how do you manage this role? Have any of these situations happened to you? The firm implies that high-level, seasoned consultants will do the work, but then replaces them with greener staff.

SEC to Vote on Auditor Independence Rules

The Securities & Exchange Commission will hold an open meeting on November 15, 2000 to consider adoption of rules governing auditor independence.


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