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Pay Taxes Online

The IRS has authorized online payments of amounts due with federal 1040 tax returns, 1040ES Estimated Payments, and Form 4868 extensions of time to file tax returns, effective January 12, 2001.

How Fast Will Computers Get?

What's the fastest speed imaginable for your computer's microprocessor?

Biggest Budget Headaches for Accountants

The biggest frustration corporate accountants and financial executives face during the planning and budgeting process is a lack of time, according to a survey from Comshare, Inc.Thirty-nine percent of respondents said a shortage of time to adequately and accurately prepare budgets was the largest hindrance to the process.

A Fork in the Road for Financial Consultants

Financial consultants favor one of two work environments: the product-based company or the professional services firm.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 72

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 72December 8, 2000Members Logon to for full access to all our resources.Don't know your Logon Membership Details?Go to

Three Traits That Make a Company Great

What features make a company great? Are they a good CEO, a business plan, or other, less obvious features?Even though the fate of Microsoft as one company is still undecided, its business model is looked upon as one of the more favorable ones to appear in the last several years.

Intuit Offers Gateway to Online Charities

The spirit of the holiday season is alive and well at Intuit.The company has aligned itself and its TurboTax product with, an online donations clearinghouse.Users of TurboTax can click on a link included within the software program and be taken directly to the CharityGift online site.

Inheritance Tax is a Mystery to Many Americans

How often do you find that clients are not aware of the ins and outs of the tax liabilities associated with an inheritance?According to a new study by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, nearly half of respondents in a survey said they knew very little about inheritance tax - in fact, they used the world "unaware" in describing the situation.While they have strong opinions (75 percent of respondents) that an inheritance should not be taxed at the federal and state levels, general confusion exists about the entire tax scheme associated with

401(k): Your Hidden Income Opportunity, with Tom Palka

AccountingWEB Workshop: December 7, 2000Presenter: Tom Palka, Certified Financial Planner and the founder of RIA Technology, Inc.

401(k): Your Hidden Income Opportunity

401(k): Your Hidden Income OpportunityPresented by: Tom Palka, of RIA TechnologyThursday, December 07, 20004:00 - 5:00 p.m., Eastern TimeTopics for this workshop included: Retirement @ age 55 or later401(k) & IRA Treated differently – Rule 72T401(k) stock sales with Capital GainDivorce & QDRORetirement PlanningView the COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT!

Excel Tip: Copy an Entire Worksheet

Here's a timesaving tip for Excel users who frequently need to copy an entire worksheet (a page within a workbook) of information-such as a list of items for a monthly inventory-from one workbook (Excel file) to another.To copy an entire sheet to another workbook, follow these steps: Open the workbook into which you want to paste the copied sheet. Switch to the workbook that contains the sheet you want to copy. Right-click the Sheet tab of the sheet you want to copy.

Spotlight on Allan Boress

AccountingWEB SpotlightAllan Boress, CPA, CFEPresidentAllan Boress & AssociatesThe job is incomplete without ongoing sales and marketing efforts!The deficit that Allan Boress saw in his own skill set — early in his career as a CPA — so motivated him to enhance his abilities, that he now teaches others the same principles of good business.A practicing CPA and CFE, Boress has provided expert counsel to some 500 medium- to large-sized firms since becoming a business development consultant in 1980.

More Great Shopping Sites! Don't Miss This!

Check out the updated AccountingWEB Top Shopping Sites. We have scoured the Web to come up with a collection of sites that will help you with your holiday shopping. Whether you are buying for family, friends or co-workers, don't miss these favorite sites!Here are more Top Shopping Sites that we have chosen as excellent online shopping locations. We will be adding to this list weekly, so check back to view new sites and ideas. We have every shopping opportunity covered: wine, toys, jewelry, pets, co-workers and friends.

Hibernation Feature Saves Computer Files

Have you ever had to leave your office in a hurry while you were buried in figures on your Excel spreadsheet? Did you forget to shut your computer down? If this happens to you, and you worry later that all your time and effort may be lost, try this computer tip.The Hibernation feature allows you the freedom to leave your computer and information for an extended period of time without the worry of a system shutdown. You will return to your computer and information just as you left it. When you restart your computer, your desktop will be restored exactly as you left it.

SEC Chief Gives Backing to Stronger Watchdog

The Securities and Exchange Commission's chief accountant has lent his backing to a strengthened Public Oversight Board for overseeing the accountancy profession. Lynn Turner told the SEC's annual conference that he supported the recommendations of the O'Malley Panel on Audit Effectiveness, which suggested a number of changes to the watchdog in the light of the public's opinion of the accounting profession. Among these were the need for greater oversight of the standard-setting bodies, and independent funding for the POB.

KPMG Sued by Florida Insurance Department

Claiming the Big 5 firm failed to uncover improprieties in the audit of HMO SunStar Health Plan, Inc., the Florida Insurance Department has filed suit against KPMG for $47 million.Earlier this year the department seized SunStar, claiming the organization didn't have enough money to pay the claims of its 80,000 policyholders.

PwC's VAT Online Helpful to Tax Professionals

A new service from PricewaterhouseCoopers offers detailed information on the VAT, or Value Added Tax, along with news feeds on the latest developments in the VAT arena.This site is helpful to finance directors and tax preparers/professionals who are seeking more information on how the VAT is affected on a day-to-day basis across the world. Known as GlobalVatOnline has information on VAT rules and rates in more than 70 countries."GlobalVatOnLine is an on-line repository of information and news about VAT and how to manage it.

Detroit School Principals Get Accounting Education

It's back to school time for school principals in the Detroit area, where school audits have disclosed embezzlement and mismanagement of funds in schools that haven't been audited in 12 years.One Detroit school bookkeeper was charged with embezzlement and forgery and has since pleaded guitly to those charges, two others face charges, and more charges are expected to follow as the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office reviews audits from other schools.School administrators are being provided with emergency training in finan

The Bottom Line on Gift-Giving at the Office

There aren't any written rules on whether to give gifts to the boss, co-workers or anyone else for that matter in the workplace, and at this time of the year, giving and receiving, alike, can be extremely stressful.So here are some guidelines: What is most appropriate and how should gift-giving be approached? According to a consulting firm called Eticon, common sense is the best approach, mixed with some thoughts before actions.First, the boss. The advice provided by Eticon is to evaluate how closely you work with your boss. Overly extravagant or costly gifts aren't necessary.

Is Free Internet Access a Thing of the Past?

Do you pay for your Internet/email service? If you're a customer of Alta Vista and enjoyed free Internet access, you'll soon find out that the days for no-cost e-mail and access to the Web are numbered.As of Sunday, Dec. 10, Alta Vista will cut off more than 3 million customers due to increased cost and lagging support of its advertisers.


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