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Background Information at Your Fingertips

Has Sally been convicted of fraud? Has John really disclosed his actual salary? It’s important to carefully screen job applicants and two of the world’s leading providers of employee information are making it easier than ever.Now firms can find the answers to these questions and others of a background nature with immediate access to detailed, accurate information.

1st Global Hits Milestone Mark

With the addition of Jannsen & Company, S.C. based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Dallas-based 1st Global, Inc. hits an important milestone in the company’s growth. The new company represented the 1,000th securities licensed financial advisor to join the 1st Global family.Many public accounting firms have looked to CPA-founded 1st Global as they attempt to build a successful financial services practice.
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PWC Considers 3-Way Split

A series of negative factors influencing the firm has led PWC to consider the possibility of splitting into three units. The world's largest accountancy firm did confirm late Thursday that it would split consultancy and some corporate finance work from its core audit, accountancy and tax services wing. The proposed split would provide separate units for auditing, consulting and human resources.

Tools To Develop Winning Sales Proposals

Bob Kantin, President of, a sales and marketing consulting firm in Dallas, presented a workshop for AccountingWEB this week on writing winning proposals.Some key points that were covered:Understanding the difference between transaction sales and complex salesWhen to use a boilerplate proposal and when to develop a strategic proposalConnecting the consultative sales process with the proposal development process

Tax-Cut Creators Open Divorce Site

How's this for a change of heart? The creators of the first do-it-yourself tax preparing software, Kiplinger's popular Tax-Cut, have opened up a new Web site devoted to anyone seeking information and assistance for a divorce.The new site by Daniel Caine and Wendell Smith is called

AICPA's Top Ten Tips for Secured Web Sites

Many CPAs and accounting professionals are knee-deep in e-Commerce activities with clients and customers, while others are on the fence waiting for the next "big" reason to join the bandwagon.In response to last week's e-hackers at popular sites like Yahoo!, E-trade and, the AICPA has released its own "top ten list" of tools to help secure Web sites.Here is the AICPA's List of how toprotect yourself and your clients: Conduct a risk assessment of your online business Develop security standards, policies and procedures so employees will first, unders
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Big 5 Winners & Losers

The final numbers have been released for 1999 revenues and losses among Big 5 accounting firms.Based on research compiled by the Public Accounting Report (PAR), the firm awarded the majority of audits was Deloitte & Touche, who placed first for the second time in three years as the number one auditor of public companies.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Sees Faster Closings & Better Reporting with Advantage from Deltek

McLean, Virginia – February 16, 2000 - Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK). Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) recently chose Deltek's Advantage product as its financial management system. Two years ago, this prestigious firm decided not to invest resources into its proprietary financial system to make it Y2K compliant. Joseph Dailey, CFO, took charge of evaluating alternatives to SOM's existing financial system. According to Dailey, "Our goal in changing our financial systems went well beyond the Y2K issue.

A/E/C, Professional Service Firms Praise Deltek's General Release of Advantage 5.0

McLean, Virginia – February 16, 2000 – Deltek® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK). Deltek today announces the immediate availability of Advantage Version 5.0, offering powerful new applications for interactive general ledger reporting, new features for international users, and many other usability and performance enhancements.

Vest Strengthens Financial Services Offerings

This week, Dallas-based financial services giant H.D. Vest announced a new alliance with in an effort to continue building its portfolio of offerings to clients and customers.Customers can log on to the mortgage site through the regular Vest Web site.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations Made Easy

Run, don’t walk to your computer to blast your boring PowerPoint presentations out of the way. If you are bored by the same old designs, imagine how your audience feels. Today’s professionals see lots of presentations and it’s not hard to spot a Microsoft template, if you know what I mean.Animate it. Bring your charts to life by animating them. To animate an existing chart, select it and choose Slide Show, then Custom Animation.
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Y2K Impact Big, Reports KPMG

Now that the hubbub about the Y2K bug is behind us, firms are analyzing the impact the millinneum bug had on companies, Web sites and the world.KPMG recently issued their own report regarding how extensive the Y2K was, and reports that it did cause havoc on many areas, including nuclear plants, millitary satellites, some hospital equipment and even traffic lights.What's the meaning of this for the future (forget the past!): on one hand, experts say that most of us should have paid more attention to life-threatening mishaps, like nuclear power plants.

ABA Debates Lawyer/CPA Alliances

The American Bar Association, during their annual meeting in Dallas, a href="">debated the pros and cons of allowing lawyers to merge with accountants and other business professionals.During the six-day meeting, much of the agenda was taken up with this topic, which has been in the news over the past year with the ventures of several Big 5 accounting firms to offer legal services.However, a resolution was not reached, and the ABA expects no resolution before August, at the earliest.

Our 10,000th Subscriber!

Just seven months into the expansion of AccountingWEB, and we've just reached our 10,000th subscriber! Thanks everyone. On to 20,000 . . .

Writing Winning Proposals - With Bob Kantin

Bob KantinSalesProposals.comMichael Platt: Welcome everyone to today's workshop. The session will be interactive, in that you can offer your questions at any time.We are pleased to have with us today Bob Kantin, President of SalesProposals.comBob Kantin is founder and president of, a firm devoted to making a significant impact on the sales of its clients by improving the sales proposal process.

New In Financial Planning: CCH Solutions for Financial Planning Provides Expert Insight, Practice Tools on the Internet

New In Financial PlanningCCH SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL PLANNING PROVIDES EXPERT INSIGHT, PRACTICE TOOLS ON THE INTERNETExpert Guidance for New, Experienced Professional Planners(RIVERWOODS, ILL., February 9, 2000) Financial planners, accountants, attorneys and other professionals who wish to expand into or bring greater depth to their financial planning practices now have an authoritative Internet resource for a theoretical grounding in the field, as well as real-world insights and practice tools.

Bob Kantin

Bob Kantin is founder and president of, a firm devoted to making a significant impact on the sales of its clients by improving the sales proposal process. Bob has extensive experience and consults in the areas of proposal design and sales process integration, marketing, and new product development. In 1991, he co-authored Quality Selling through Quality Proposals (11,000+ copies sold). Bob’s second book, Strategic Proposals, Closing the Big Deal, recently hit the shelves.

Company Chief Resigns Due to Audit Findings

The head and two other executives with JDN Realty in Atlanta resigned their positions on Monday as a result of the findings of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and almost five years' of accounting faults.The REIT discovered that certain transactions were not properly recorded from 1994 to 1998. As a result of the resignations of J. Donald Nichols (CEO), Jeb Hughes and C.

Block Combines Real Estate Companies

H&R Block has taken the retail operations of the two real estate companies it owns and given them a new name, H&R Block Mortgage Corporation. The two companies were Option One Mortgage Corporation and Assurance Mortgage Corporation.The new company, based in Burlington, MA, marks another move by the tax preparing giant to capture more of the financial services marketplace. Recently, Block opened its newest venture, a complete financial services center, in major cities.H&R Block Mortgage is licensed to operated in 48 states.

Free Daily Computer Software Tips

When it comes to getting tips that you can really use, look no further. ZD Journals has a tip page just for you! Simply, click on this article’s link and daily tips will fill your e-mail in box within 24 hours. All you have to do is complete a quick online registration and it’s free. It just doesn’t get any simpler!Word processing packages supported by this freebie include: Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.


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