Writing Winning Proposals - With Bob Kantin

Bob KantinSalesProposals.comMichael Platt: Welcome everyone to today's workshop. The session will be interactive, in that you can offer your questions at any time.We are pleased to have with us today Bob Kantin, President of SalesProposals.comBob Kantin is founder and president of, a firm devoted to making a significant impact on the sales of its clients by improving the sales proposal process.

New In Financial Planning: CCH Solutions for Financial Planning Provides Expert Insight, Practice Tools on the Internet

New In Financial PlanningCCH SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL PLANNING PROVIDES EXPERT INSIGHT, PRACTICE TOOLS ON THE INTERNETExpert Guidance for New, Experienced Professional Planners(RIVERWOODS, ILL., February 9, 2000) Financial planners, accountants, attorneys and other professionals who wish to expand into or bring greater depth to their financial planning practices now have an authoritative Internet resource for a theoretical grounding in the field, as well as real-world insights and practice tools.

Bob Kantin

Bob Kantin is founder and president of, a firm devoted to making a significant impact on the sales of its clients by improving the sales proposal process. Bob has extensive experience and consults in the areas of proposal design and sales process integration, marketing, and new product development. In 1991, he co-authored Quality Selling through Quality Proposals (11,000+ copies sold). Bob’s second book, Strategic Proposals, Closing the Big Deal, recently hit the shelves.

Company Chief Resigns Due to Audit Findings

The head and two other executives with JDN Realty in Atlanta resigned their positions on Monday as a result of the findings of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and almost five years' of accounting faults.The REIT discovered that certain transactions were not properly recorded from 1994 to 1998. As a result of the resignations of J. Donald Nichols (CEO), Jeb Hughes and C.

Block Combines Real Estate Companies

H&R Block has taken the retail operations of the two real estate companies it owns and given them a new name, H&R Block Mortgage Corporation. The two companies were Option One Mortgage Corporation and Assurance Mortgage Corporation.The new company, based in Burlington, MA, marks another move by the tax preparing giant to capture more of the financial services marketplace. Recently, Block opened its newest venture, a complete financial services center, in major cities.H&R Block Mortgage is licensed to operated in 48 states.

Free Daily Computer Software Tips

When it comes to getting tips that you can really use, look no further. ZD Journals has a tip page just for you! Simply, click on this article’s link and daily tips will fill your e-mail in box within 24 hours. All you have to do is complete a quick online registration and it’s free. It just doesn’t get any simpler!Word processing packages supported by this freebie include: Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.

Death Benefits Excluded

Death benefits, accidental death benefits, burial benefits, and death benefits payable from an employee welfare benefit plan to a retiree on a spouse's death constitute excludable insurance contract benefits according to the IRS’ PLR 200002030. This determination was made when an issue involving an employee who received benefits under a collective bargaining agreement from an employer-established welfare benefit plan arose.

EY Reports Status of Online Valentine Purchases

Flowers, fragrances, jewelry and electronic well-wishes are among the gifts that will be bought on Valentines Day, according to a new survey by Ernst & Young.The Big 5 firm found that about 1/3 of online shoppers will shop the Internet for their purchases this year, and that 38 percent had bought flowers and cosmetics for other occasions on online, while 29 percent had previously purchased flowers.The survey also found that of online shoppers, the majority of buyers will be married men.

Auto Write-Offs: Bigger is Better

Tax season is the time of year when clients invariably try to take as many deductions as possible--within the extent of the law. One area commonly overlooked, especially for self-employed individuals, is the allowable deductions for a car.Brushing up on the rules will benefit your client (and perhaps you, too!).Naturally, if a car is used primarily for business, the IRS allows taxpayers to deduct a maximum $3,060 each year. But now that cars cost more, and more of us yearn for a luxury car--even a gigantic SUV--how does the car depreciate over time?Slowly, for sure.

ADP Sweetens Accountants Deal?

ADP has unveiled its new Accountant Advantage program as a way to market its services to CPAs and accounting professionals whose small business clients could benefits from ADP services.ADP services are not new to the marketplace, so what's in it for the CPA?If a client works with ADP and the referral can be traced back to the professional, then the CPA earns "rewards" toward online continuing education credits, as well as access to what ADP calls "other educational and business growth opportunities."ADP is keeping the rest of the rewards vague, but does indicate that it will provide i

Pooling Issue Heats Up

Pooling is supposed to be a thing of the past next year, but accounting professionals from various industries are gathering around the issue. Professionals from companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and General Electric talked to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) last Thursday to make a plea for pooling-of-interests accounting.Although FASB is willing to listen to corporations, the organization remains unimpressed with current suggestions.

Self-employed health insurance deduction on the rise

How much of my health insurance premium can I deduct and how does the deduction work? I am self-employed and I understand only some of the premium can be deducted as a business expense. Does the rest count as an itemized deduction? L.G., Muncie Congress has been fooling with the deduction for health insurance premiums for the self-employed for a long time. Last year's sweeping changes to the tax laws affected the rules in this area once again.

After 3 years, go ahead and clean out those files

I've been trying to find some extra space in my house lately, so this seems like a good time to think about which tax records I can safely dispose of and which ones I ought to keep around in case the IRS wants to ask me some questions about my tax returns. At a minimum, I've always been told to save everything for three years. That statement sounds innocuous enough, but what constitutes "everything" and when do I start counting to determine "three years?"

Hobby costs are miscellaneous expenses on 1040

I design and create porcelain dolls. I make the dolls from scratch, pouring the porcelain into molds I have made, I sew their clothes and make their shoes from little pieces of leather. Everything is first quality. My dolls have won awards, and I have displayed them at shows across the country. Because I'm actively engaged in the business of making dolls and am established, I assume my costs are tax-deductible. Does the information about my doll business go on a Schedule C or is it considered miscellaneous itemized deductions?

Several options available when selling shares

When selling shares from a mutual fund, how do I know which shares have been sold, and how do I determine the cost of the shares in order to compute my tax on the sale? G.J., Indianapolis It's up to you, which shares you sell from a fund, and you have control over the costing method as well.

Uniform used only for work can be tax deduction

I have uniforms that I wear at work and I pay to have the uniforms laundered. I also pay for occasional repairs on the uniforms and I pay for work shoes that I have to wear in my job. Are all these expenses deductible as itemized deductions? B.C., Indianapolis If your work clothing constitutes a uniform in the eyes of the IRS, you will be entitled to a deduction. The uniform has to be clothing that is required by your employer, and (this is the gray area) not suitable for everyday wear.

Some camp fees do qualify for tax deduction

I sent my children to summer camp last month and want to know if I can take a deduction for the child care credit for the amount I spent on the camp. The camp lasted for two weeks and the fee for the camp included all food, lodging, and activities. I.I., Indianapolis

Taxes available for use as deductions are limited

I understand that a great amount of the price we pay for cigarettes and alcohol is made up of taxes. Are these taxes considered "other taxes" for purposes of itemized deductions? If so, how should we account for these amounts? The receipts for purchases don't list the taxes separately. D.S., Indianapolis

Tax reform cut long term gains and confusion

A year ago, Congress passed legislation that made massive changes to the tax laws. One of the most hotly debated areas of the tax legislation was the law regarding the taxation of capital gains. There are many people who believe this form of income should not be taxed at all, while others feel capital gains should be taxed as the same rate income that you earn at your job.

Changes should clear up Roth IRA confusion

Last year Congress enacted a rather sweeping tax act which changed several very visible areas of the tax law, notably the tax treatment of capital gain income (rates were lowered), the tax treatment on the gain from the sale of a personal residence (the tax was all but done away with entirely), and the inauguration of the new Roth IRA.


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