Excel Tip: Pivot Tables

David Carter's series of PivotTable tutorials on our AccountingWEB-UK site have become an Internet legend. The first tutorial, Budgeting with PivotTables, has been accessed more than 9,600 times and was highlighted as a particularly valuable resource by the Internet Scout Report on business and finance.This page gives you an overview of what is possible with this relatively unsung feature within Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program.
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KPMG Chief Points to Global Restructuring

Big Five firm KPMG will reorganise along global lines and transfer powers from national practices, according to Stephen Butler, the firm's chairman.In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr.

Candidates Excel on CPA Exam in 18 States

Based on a report issued from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), candidates in 18 states passed the Spring 2000 CPA Exam in all areas at a rate higher than the national average.The states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Illinois, New Mexico, Iowa, New York, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.An autonomous body from the state boards of accountancy, NASBA serves as a forum for the states that administer the Uniform CPA Examination, license C

One More Small Business Portal: Netscape

Is there really room for one more small business portal? Established competition from Microsoft, Excite and Dow Jones isn't enough to scare executives at Netscape.The company has created 'Netscape Netbusiness' as a way to reach small businesses with less than 10 employees.One way Netscape plans to support the site is through advertising.

Agencies Overpaid by Almost $21 Billion

The General Accounting Office recently reported that 12 Federal agencies overpaid for a whopping total of $20.7 billion in fiscal 1999.With overpayments up from the previous year's total of $19.1 billion, the reason for the overages is attributed to consistently poor management of funds. Many of the overpayments resulted from Medicare's fee-for-service program."It's astounding that more than $20 billion of taxpayer money was wasted in just a handful of federal programs," said Sen. Fred D.

Collaging - A New Way to 'Think Out of the Box'

We’ve all heard the term "thinking out of the box" and as worn out as those five words are, it really is a good goal to have if you’re trying to incorporate change into your firm. One problem in accomplishing this feat is getting the brain ready to actually go into the realm of the creative.

Glen Christopher

GLEN CHRISTOPHERChristopher & Associates, LtdGlen Christopher is a professional speaker, consultant and Internet trainer.Glen's presentations help businesses focus on the benefits of technology, including:Explaining the benefits and uses of the Internet and its importance in a clear, easy-to-understand and entertaining wayLinking the mystique of the Internet to real business issues to save money and solve problems,

Susan Ireland

SUSAN IRELAND,Susan Ireland's Resume ServiceAs owner of "Susan Ireland's Resume Service" in San Francisco and Berkeley, Susan supervises a team of writers who work with job seekers from all occupations and levels of employment.

Karen Bergh

KAREN BERGH,RainMaker Pro Training & ConsultingKaren Bergh trains and coaches professionals who want to sell more. Early in her career, her creative copy for ad agencies appeared in national campaigns, and helped sell products ranging from gas grills to banking services.

Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Becoming a Trusted AdvisorPresented by: David MaisterTuesday October 17, 20004:00pm EDT,The AccountingWEB Workshop RoomWorkshop sponsored by the International Group of Accounting Firms

David Maister

DAVID MAISTER,Maister Associates, Inc.David Maister is widely acknowledged as the world's leading authority on the management of professional service firms. For 17 years he has advised firms in a broad spectrum of professions, covering all strategic and managerial issues.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 60

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 60September 15, 2000Members Logon to for full access to all our resources.Don't know your Logon Membership Details?Go to h

IRS Reorganizing for Better Customer Service

In an attempt to provide better customer service the Internal Revenue Service has planned to begin rearranging some of its service centers starting Oct. 1.Not all taxpayers will be affected by the change, though. Only 12 states will be changed for individual taxpayers and 16 states will be changed for business taxpayers. Some taxpayers may find they have to file their individual return at a separate center from their business returns.Once the transition is finished 116 million individual returns for the wage and investment operation division will be processed by eight centers.

Is Microsoft's new Windows ME Worth it?

Microsoft removed the cover from its new Windows ME (Millennium Edition) Thursday, making the new operating system available for home users. But did the company gain anything with the new system?Analysts are saying 'no,' mostly due to the fact that Windows ME includes bundled components that on the outset appear necessary, but in fact are the same types of applications that began the Department of Justice's probe into the company's monopoly.In addition, it is reported that the new system really isn't any better than Windows 98.

VCs Cautious in new Funding Schemes

If you have an old tie or skirt, chances are that tie or skirt will be back in style one day soon. The same holds true for venture capitalists who fund businesses. These angels are finding that they are returning to the old days of funding companies with a solid infrastructure versus the latest craze.The rules certainly have changed over the last six months--mostly since technology stocks took the famous nose-dive last spring.

Find out What You're Worth ($) at new Web site

How much should you get paid? Is the guy or gal in the next office making more than you are?Anyone can achieve leverage by discovering what they're really worth, and a new Web site called makes the process a snap.

Senate Finance Committee votes 'Yes' to Retirement Legislation

The Senate Finance Committee has unanimously voted to increase opportunities for individuals contributing to retirement savings. So what does this mean for retirement planning? Contributions into IRAs would increase from $2,000 to $5,000 while 401(k) contributions will increase from the current maximum of $10,500 to $15,000. Small businesses will find it easier to offer employee pension plans and workers over 50 will be able to increase contributions to make up for the inability to do so earlier.

Spotlight on Frank Minter

AccountingWEB ProfileFrank Minter, CPAPresident, IMAExecutive in Residence, Samford UniversityAn Issues-Oriented Approach Leads to Industrious Plans for the IMAFrank Minter does not mince words, and he doesn't pause to choose the words when it comes to dealing with tough issues – topics that can literally make or break the Institute of Management Accountants during his

Excel Tip: Change Formula to Actual Value

Is your formula your private property? Are there times when you provide spreadsheets for others to view but you don't want to display the underlying calculations? Once you've created a worksheet and performed all the calculations, you can switch the calculations to the calculated values so only the final numbers appear, both in the work area of spreadsheet and in the formula bar at the top of the spreadsheet.Change the contents of a cell or group of adjacent cells from formula to value by following these steps:1.

In-Flight E-mail – Almost Ready for Take-off

Several airplane companies, including Boeing, have started making test runs on successfully sending e-mail from the air. So far the tests have worked. The next hurdle to cross is what kinds of packages to offer and how much money to invest in the prospect.In-flight packages proposed by at least ten companies are currently being considered.


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