Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Lois Pleads the Fifth at Hearing

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FASB Unveils Draft Disclosure Framework

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on Tuesday issued an exposure draft on its proposed disclosure framework, which addresses the standard-setting organization’s process for identifying relevant information and the limits on information that should be included in notes to financial statements.

How to Gain Six Minutes a Day

Time is money. So if every day we can pick up six minutes of productivity, over the year we'll gain 24 more hours. Here's a host of best practices for staying focused and getting more done.
Education & Careers

Summer Programs Increase Diversity for CPA Students

This summer, leaders in the CPA profession will once again join forces with colleges and universities to further their diversity goals when they host two summer leadership programs for accounting and business students from diverse backgrounds.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Is Consulting Hurting Audit Quality?

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Tax Returns Keep Rolling In to the IRS

The IRS noted last Thursday that, as of February 21, it has received nearly 49.6 million individual income tax returns – about one-third of the amount the nation’s tax-collection agency projected before the start of the 2014 filing season on January 31.

New GAAP Hierarchy for State and Local Governments Urged by the GASB

A proposal made by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) last week would give state and local governments new guidance to follow under US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when preparing financial statements.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Will IRS Pare Back 501(c)(4) Rules?

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PCAOB to Hold Forum on Possible Changes to Auditor’s Report

The meeting, which will be held April 2 and 3 in Washington, DC, is intended to give the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) an opportunity to hear feedback on its proposal to enhance the auditor's reporting model from panelists, including investors, senior executives and audit committee chairs of major corporations, and representatives from audit firms.
Practice Management

Wristbands Get Indiana CPA Firm Moving at Tax Time

On any normal day Katie Bailey, audit manager at CPA firm Dauby O'Connor & Zaleski, LLC (DOZ) in Carmel, Indiana, would definitely consider herself an active person. But during tax season, Bailey, who like most CPAs logs 12- to 13-hour days from January to April, it’s no longer a matter of how much she moves in a given day, but if she moves—at all. Now, that's changing.

Seven Tips for Helping to Ensure Reliable Hiring Results

For a employee selection process to be effective, it must consistently identify the candidates with the skills and attributes that are critical for the job at issue. Asking the right questions in a job interview can go a long way in achieving this goal.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: SEC Employees Are Really Good at Stock Trading

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Long-Term Growth Strategy a Positive ‘Leap of Faith’ for Sorenson and Company CPA

For Bryan Sorenson, making his practice a success is not only about finding his niche and being a partner to his clients, but also caring about them as individuals and taking the time to be more than just a number cruncher. He separates himself from the competition by being there for his clients and having a smart growth strategy.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Gamers Bash Camp Tax Proposal

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Don't Forget to Hit the Pause Button This Busy Season

We're still uncool at our house. We have three remotes to control our TV, BlueRay, sound system, Apple TV, etc. Our son comes to visit and asks why we don't get one of the new-type remotes where you can do it all from one or why don't we use our iPad or iPhone.

Reactions Varied on Tax Reform Plan

As you might expect, there were plenty of opinions from business groups, corporations, and legislators about the tax reform plan unveiled by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) yesterday. Views ranged from overwhelming support to staunch opposition.

Here It Is … Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Discussion Draft

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) this afternoon released his much-anticipated tax reform plan, the Tax Reform Act of 2014. If you want to read all 979 pages of it, you can download it here.

Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks - Part 10: Planning and Performing the Audit

The effectiveness of an auditor’s planning process ultimately determines the efficiency with which an engagement can be performed. Following is an outline of some of the initial steps in planning an engagement, called the “preplanning phase.”

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: SMBs Tout AICPA Framework

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SASB Rolls Out New Standards for the Financials Sector

First, it was health care. Now the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has unveiled its second set of provisional accounting standards, this one for industries in the financials sector.