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ID Theft at IRS: Could Your Firm Be Next?

If someone can walk out of the IRS with personal information on 20,000 people, they can do it at your firm.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Phone Scam is Largest TIGTA/IRS Have Ever Seen

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for March 21.
Practice Management

How to Get Excel to Handle Social Security Numbers Properly

Almost every accountant handles Social Security numbers and almost every Excel spreadsheet screws them up. Here's how to fix them.
Practice Management

Take Cover Against Tax Season Violence

Be prepared: Angry taxpayers may be coming to get you. Tax season is bringing out the worst in people.
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Individual Leadership: Managing Your Time As If It Was Your Money

During the second session of a four-part series on Individual Leadership, the focus will be on time management- a critical success factor for effective leadership. Each person has 24 hours of time to spend each day; the key is making wise investments and knowing what investments yield the greatest return.
Practice Management

How Yoga Brings Balance to CPAs

One CPA shows that yoga is not a fringe activity for hippies, but a terrific way for busy CPAs to recharge themselves during tax season – or anytime.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Expired Tax Breaks May Soon Get New Life

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for March 20.

Auditing Special Purpose Frameworks: Client Acceptance and Continuance Decision-Making

CPA firms must establish and document policies and procedures for the acceptance and continuance of clients and engagements.

Let's Get to Know the New AccountingWEB Managing Editor, Richard Koreto

If you subscribe to our daily newsletters you've noticed that a new voice has been chatting you up in recent days. Richard Koreto joined AccountingWEB last month as our new Managing Editor. We're lucky to have him as a part of our staff here and not just because Jason and I needed an extra set of hands!

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: No Agreement – Yet – on Lease Accounting Standard

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for March 19.

Do 'Cloud' Ventures Result in Sales Tax Problems?

The "Cloud" is all the rage, promising to solve a range of data management issues. But care is needed – you may end up with a sales tax nexus.

How to Maximize Social Security Survivor Benefits

The Social Security "survivor benefit" is complex, and shrewd calculations and analysis are necessary to get the full amount you're entitled to.

Still Haven’t Filed Your Taxes? Then Consider These 10 Tips

Get organized, don't wait until the last minute to prepare your return, and ask questions are among the top tips for taxpayers who haven't yet filed their individual income tax returns, according to the American Institute of CPAs.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Banks Line Up in Opposition of Camp Tax

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for March 18.

Avoid Hassles with Client Contracts

It's just a one-page agreement, but it can save you hours of frustration, lost income, and client resentment.

Opposition Mounts for House XBRL Exemption Legislation

XBRL US and several corporate data providers are against a bill approved last week by the House Financial Services Committee that would require the US Securities and Exchange Commission to exempt public companies with annual revenues under $250 million from filing their financial statements in XBRL format for five years.

Exhaustion and Other HR Issues

They seem like children today, but be patient: someday your newbies will be essential members of your team.
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Integrating Client Service Culture at Your Firm

Is everyone at your organization meeting your client service expectations? Let client service expert, Kristen Rampe, CPA help you establish a reputation of top-tier service in every facet of your firm during this one hour webinar.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Politicians in Europe Bash IFRS Foundation

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for March 17.

Help to the Finish Line: Complete What You Start

The first in a series of quizzes from Jeff Davidson that help you gauge how well you are managing your personal and professional lives.