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Is This Excel Worksheet Protected?

David Ringstrom's latest Excel tip will show you how to make sure your worksheets are protected.

Building a Successful IT Team in your Accounting Firm: Part I

Does your accounting firm need to create an IT team or expand an existing team? Xcentric account manager Jonathan Hull shares his insights on how accountants can make skillful decisions on IT hiring.

Leveraging LinkedIn

Are the partners and senior staff in your firm leveraging LinkedIn, or do they simply start a profile and abandon it?

Tuning the Orchestra: IT and the CFO

Business functions once had very clear roles and responsibilities: finance looked after the money and IT was a distinct unit responsible for back office technology and communications. However, responsibility for IT decisions is changing.

Using Clip Art in Excel Charts

Excel expert David Ringstrom is sharing his tips for optimizing the way you use Excel in our new Excel Tips series.

New 'Agile Tax' Takes Storefront Tax Preparation to the Cloud

The tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters has announced the introduction of Agile Tax, a new production-grade tax software designed exclusively for the Cloud.

Automating Excel Chart Titles

In this, his latest article in our Excel Tips series, expert David Ringstrom shows you how you can further automate your chart with a self-updating title.
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'Financial Fitness' and Accounting Firm Improvement

Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, will kick off her second year of the BMRG Group Advisory Program on July 1 with a revised four-tier program structure.
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Optimize Your Marketing Efforts Using SEO

SEO techniques can be confusing at first, but once you understand how to implement them, you'll benefit from more potential clients finding you online.

Xero's New Cloud-Based WorkflowMax

Xero has recently added WorkflowMax - a complete practice management suite ‒ to its Cloud-based offerings.

Awards Honor Technologies That Help Tax and Accounting Pros

The ninth annual Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Awards were presented by CPA Practice Advisor on Monday, June 4, during a reception at the California Accounting and Business Show and Conference.

Dumb Down Your Smartphone

Thanks to our smartphones (along with tablets, other handhelds, etc.) we no longer have to fret about having nothing to do.

Automate Excel Charts in Two Keystrokes

David Ringstrom shows you the typical way most users add data to a chart. He then shares a simple technique that eliminates this mundane need.

No Facebook for You!

"Access Denied." This is the message I received when trying to log in to my Facebook account from an accounting firm's office.

Constant Interruptions: The Blame Game

The ever-increasing array of technology available to career professionals today accounts for the brunt of distractions we face. Technology, however, has always been with us in one form or another. Self-management capability is the deciding factor as to whether or not technology is intrusive.

Google Chrome Breaks into Top Spot for Web Browsers

A much-discussed development in the browser world is the recent breakout performance by Google Chrome, which averaged the highest traffic share for a full seven days for the first time.
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Sage Survey: How Small Businesses Deal With an Unpredictable Economy

Sage North America announced the results of its Reinvention of Small Business Study, a survey focused on how small businesses are changing the way they conduct business in an unpredictable economy.
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Business vs. Personal: How to Selectively Share on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve probably faced the dilemma of whether to accept a friend request from a business associate.

Farewell Peachtree Accounting, Hello Sage 50

After thirty-five years, the venerable software program known as Peachtree Accounting is adopting a new moniker - Sage 50 Accounting.

Money-Saving Web Portals = Secure and Efficient Document Exchange

If your clients are unfamiliar with web portals, you can explain how web portals save everyone time and make the exchange of files easier. For end clients, using a web portal means they never need to be concerned about an e-mail server being bogged down or rejecting the exchange of large QuickBooks files.