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2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide

Below is an extensive list of the latest accounting software packages for any type of business. The 2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide offers the following information:High-End Accounting Software Vendors - Search the high-end packages that generally target companies with revenues over $100 million.

View Outlook Inbox and Calendar at the Same Time

Would it be useful for you to be able to view both your Outlook calendar and inbox at the same time? Instead of clicking back and forth between the two, you can open them side-by-side for easier access and viewing. To enable this tip follow the four steps below:Close all other programs. Click Inbox on the Outlook Folder List to display the Inbox. (If the Folder List is not displayed, choose Folder List from the View menu.) Right-click Calendar on the Folder List, and then click Open in New Window on the shortcut menu.

Dot-Pro Nearly Ready to Go

CPAs, lawyers, and doctors who want to distinguish themselves with a professional web presence will soon have the opportunity to acquire .pro Internet domains. The .pro domain option was approved last fall, along with six other new registries, by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The .pro domain designation will be available only to licensed professionals who can prove their professional status.

Banning E-mail Attachments - Microsoft's Virus Remedy?

In the wake of e-mail viruses such as "Melissa" and "I Love You", it is reported that Microsoft's newest version of Outlook will reject more than 30 different types of files sent as e-mail attachments. The new e-mail application due out later this spring will reject such files as "program execution files", "batch files", Windows help files", and "Java" and "Visual Basic" scripting files.
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PwC Shines with New Internet Portal

PricewaterhouseCoopers has launched its new Internet portal, a high-tech site operating with Flash graphics.The site is designed to showcase the services the Big Five firm has to offer to medium-sized companies.Driving Ambition users are greeted with a user interface that emphasises the motoring motif. Choose "Select your business gear," and a gearstick menu offers a selection of case studies starting from embryonic business ideas, shifting up through finance options and going public offering.

TurboTax Glitch Sends Taxpayers Scurrying

A small number (approximately 150,000) of taxpayers are affected by a security glitch in the TurboTax software, according to reports from Intuit.The problem, which has been corrected, occurred when users took advantage of a new TurboTax feature to automatically download investment data into their tax return preparation forms.

PwC Report Shows E-Business Really Does Make Difference

PricewaterhouseCoopers has released results of a study, which show the impact of the Internet on today's fastest growing companies. For the study, PwC interviewed CEOs of 441 product and service companies identified in the media as the fastest growing US businesses over the past five years. Surveyed companies ranged in size from $1 million to $50 million in annual revenues.

Cisco Accountants Indicted

Two members of the accounting department of Cisco Systems have been indicted by a federal grand jury for illegally transferring millions of dollars worth of stock into their private brokerage accounts.The accountants were charged with computer and wire fraud for their part in shifting nearly 100,000 shares of Cisco stock, valued at approximately $4 million, into their accounts last December. An additional 100,000 shares of stock, valued at approximately $2.3 million, were transferred in February.

Disappearing Email Service Offered by Microsoft?

Disappearing Inc., a provider of corporate e-policy management systems, announced a relationship with Microsoft to help companies evaluate, implement and monitor email policies.Disappearing Inc.'s flagship e-policy management system, Disappearing Email, allows corporations to set and enforce email policies that reduce legal exposure and the loss of confidentiality by enabling messages to be written in the digital equivalent of disappearing ink.
Technology Provides Recruiting Tools for Deloitte & Touche, the leading global online careers site announced that it will provide an innovative package of online recruiting tools and solutions for Big Five professional services firm Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Peachtree Expands Desktop Accounting To The Internet

Small business users of Peachtree Software are now able to view their financial stats online using Peachtree's new Internet service. With Peachtree Web Accounting, small business owners have online access to their inventory status, general ledger and customer data and can provide viewing privileges to their CPAs and out-of-office employees. Subscribers can also use the program to do some accounting on a daily basis and print out reports.

Internet Sales Directors are Highest Paid

Looking for a high-paying job? Perhaps you should consider sales. In a recent study sponsored by Ernst & Young, Hale and Door, the nation's preeminent technology law firm, and J.

Security Defect Found in Microsoft Explorer

An article appearing in USA Today reported that there is a glitch in Internet Explorer Web browser 5.01 and 5.5 according to Microsoft.

E-Business to the Power of 12

E-Business to the Power of 12, by Thomas Power, Mike Weber, and Bryan BoswellAn exploration guide to the realities of e-business, offering a 12-step process that can become the platform a company uses to transform a traditional business into an

Sage Makes Move for CRM Giant Interact

Sage Group Plc, the UK's number one maker of accounting software, said it agreed to buy Interact Commerce Corporation for $263 million in cash to add sales management software to its line of products. Scottsdale, Arizona-based Interact will enable Sage to offer ACT!, which allows salespeople at small companies to manage sales leads, to its existing 2.5 million customers. Newcastle, England-based Sage, whose software help clients manage their accounting, payroll and tax, has agreed to buy seven companies in the past year to boost revenue from existing clients.

Is High-Tech Your Firm's Niche? Survey Says It Should Be

Coming to a city or town near you in 2001!According to a recent survey of state and local economic development agencies, 97% of respondents view attracting high-tech businesses as a top priority in 2001. As the international and U.S.

Busy Season in Internet Age Equals Business as Usual

The results of a new survey produced by Jupiter Media Metrix, the global leader in market intelligence for the new economy, show that, in spite of increased access to the Internet by U.S.

E-mail Spam Bill Advances to the House

We have all experienced the unsolicited barrage of e-mail solicitations. Congress is currently working on curtailing the spamming of America. A house subcommittee quickly passed the "Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act" on Wednesday, and the bill is expected go before the full House Commerce Committee for a vote next week. This new bill would require the sender of an e-mail message to have a valid reply to address and to stop sending e-mail if the recipient requests it.

Pro2Net Calls it Quits

After a six year run as a premier accounting industry Internet portal, Pro2Net (formerly AccountingNet) has decided to close its doors for good. The company was the first true Internet portal devoted exclusively to the accounting profession. Over the past year, they expanded in scope and in staff to address multiple professional business segments, and hired many industry insiders to stake out a dominant position in the professional marketplace.

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