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Microsoft Extends Office XP License Upgrade Deadline

Microsoft announced it has changed its Office XP licensing plan, giving business users additional time to upgrade their licensing agreements.The extension date according to Microsoft is now, February 28, 2002. Customers with current licenses such as Windows 2000 Professional, Office XP, Windows 2000 server and the .Net enterprise servers now have until February 28, 2002 to sign up for Microsoft's Software Assurance program.

Find the Right Accounting Software for Your Client

Selecting the right accounting system for your business is a time-consuming and nerve-racking task. The company, "," can assist you and your clients sift through the information provided by various accounting software vendors. has cataloged, categorized, and classified hundreds of applications and thousands of consultants in your area with one goal in mind...

Oracle and NetLedger Declare War on Microsoft

Oracle Corp., the second largest software company behind Microsoft, has announced a partnership with NetLedger, the online source for financial, marketing, and customer applications software.Oracle plans to package the NetLedger products with products of its own in the Oracle E-Business Suite for Small Business, and the company will compete head-on with Microsoft's positioned itself to s

Basic Computer Maintenance Tips

Computers have a way of causing frustration previously unknown in the workplace. Little machines that are supposed to make our lives easier frequently end up making projects more complicated and time-consuming than if we had done them with simple tools like typewriters, ledger paper, and calculators. From time to time, your computer sends undecipherable messages, produces results exactly the opposite of what you were expecting, or just locks up altogether.

PC World Announces 2001 World Class Accounting Awards

The July Issue of PC World includes its annual World Class Awards for 58 computer-related products, including a variety of computer hardware, software, and Internet features.In the area of Best Business Accounting Software, Peachtree Complete Accounting took top honors for the fourth straight year.

XBRL General Ledger Software Now Available is releasing XBRL for General Ledger software for public comment. The XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) software, which is XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based allows companies to exchange data on a global basis.

New .biz Domain Name Hits the Market

The new domain name ".biz" is about to enter the dictionary of the Internet, joining the well-known ".com," ".net," and ".org." VeriSign began accepting applications for the new .biz domain on June 19. Other registry sites are accepting applications as well, or will be soon.Trademark holders will have first rights to the new .biz domains. New domains will not be live on the Internet until after October 1 when trademark issues have been resolved.

House Leader Plans to Block Online Sales Tax

House Majority Leader Dick Armey has announced he will work to block sales taxes on Internet sales. The ban he foresees would be of a short-term nature. Representative Armey plans to rally support for a three-to-five year ban on Internet sales taxes in conjunction with legislation currently before Congress to make the current ban on Internet access taxes permanent.

Five Technologies Accountants Should Know

Despite the current recoil from IT spending, there are five good reasons to be bullish about technology. According to today’s conservative wisdom, spending money on computers, communications, and software is about as smart as investing your 401(k) in a dot-com startup.

The State of E-Business, According to IBM

This is the text of a speech by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, vice president of technology and strategy, IBM Server Group, addressing the e-business convention and expo in San Jose, California in June.In my talk today I'd like to address the state of e-business, and offer some perspective on what we at IBM see happening.

Comments Sought on Accounting Software Standards

If you're interested in having a say in how accounting software is chosen and used in the federal government, here is your chance.The federal government is seeking comments on a new document that explains the government's specifications for accounting software.

AccountingWEB-UK Wins Prestigious Award

AccountingWEB-UK, our sister site, has been awarded the Best Media Business Web Site prize in the 2001 New Media Age Effectiveness Awards.Sponsored by ABC Electronic, the body that audits online subscription and circulation figures, the business media award sought out the best channel for media firms that are looking to extend their businesses via the Web.

E-Mail to Clients is Spam

E-Mail to Clients is Spam… if you don't obtain their permission first.By Art Kuesel, Marketing Director, Wipfli CPAs & Consultants, Milwaukee, WisconsinToday CPA firms everywhere are e-marketing to their clients, prospects, and referral sources. However, many firms will sabotage themselves and alienate clients if they don't follow the new corporate standards for "permission marketing."What is Permission Marketing?Permission Marketing is obtaining the permission of clients, prospects, and referrals to send e-mail information to them.

How to Hire the Right Technology Staff

A savvy business owner realizes that having a CPA prepare his complicated tax return is a far better choice than trying to “figure it out” on his own or better yet, hand it off to an employee to figure out. Similarly, CPAs need to realize their need for a strong technology professional to run their networks and implement the strategic technology plan. How you obtain that expertise leads you to a decision to hire or outsource. This decision is based on the size of your firm and the complexity and sophistication of your technology vision.

U.S. Poised to Lose Internet Dominance

Europe and the Asia Pacific are poised to overtake North America in the Internet access league, researchers have revealed. The US, where almost half the households have Internet connections, and Canada together account for 41 percent of the world's 429 million surfers. In Asia, one third of homes are connected, and just over one quarter of European households boast Internet access.

On-line Merchants Need to Rethink Shipping Charges

While shipping and handling (S&H) charges have dissuaded 63 percent of consumers from completing online purchases, nearly half (45 percent) of retailers say they are losing money on S&H costs. New research by Jupiter Media Metrix reveals that companies must gain their customers’ trust regarding S&H charges because the majority of consumers are looking at these costs before making purchases.

Document Sharing - Anytime, Anywhere

The ConceptWhat is “Document Sharing”?Document sharing? Pretty simple really. It is the ability for more than one user to have access to a document (actually, any type of electronic file) from the location where it is stored on the network. We take this for granted in a Local Area Network (LAN) environment, but when we start looking at users scattered among multiple remote locations, or perhaps clients, professional associates, and others, it gets a lot more complicated. Suddenly a host of important security concerns begins to come into play.

When Economy Slows, IT Training Increases

The economy may be slowing down, but technology training is picking up, and there may be a direct correlation between the two.
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Feds Will Pay College Costs in Exchange for Work

If you have a hankering to attend college and a knack for computers, this program may be for you. The U.S.

Sage Software Products To Get New Names

Effective January 2, 2002, Sage Software products will need new names, due to an injunction that has been brought against Sage Group plc, the company that owns the accounting software programs, banning the company from using the name.Confusion arose between software owned by Quick Technologies (QTI) and marketed under the Sage name, and the accounting software programs known collectively as Sage Software.


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