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Feds Will Pay College Costs in Exchange for Work

If you have a hankering to attend college and a knack for computers, this program may be for you. The U.S.

Sage Software Products To Get New Names

Effective January 2, 2002, Sage Software products will need new names, due to an injunction that has been brought against Sage Group plc, the company that owns the accounting software programs, banning the company from using the name.Confusion arose between software owned by Quick Technologies (QTI) and marketed under the Sage name, and the accounting software programs known collectively as Sage Software.

A New Home for Your Old Computer

Share the Technology is a nonprofit corporation engaged in the service of computer matchmaking.

Internet Tip: Weather, Stock Reports Delivered Daily

Will you need a jacket today? How's the weather in your favorite getaway? Are your close friends suffering from weather-related blues? Get weather reports delivered right to your e-mail box from Infobeat - just click the Weather option when you go to the site. You select the cities and the time of day that you want to receive the report.

Largest Job Board Web Directory Launched

Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS), the global leader in e-recruitment training and information services, has launched the AIRS Job Board Directory - the largest collection of Internet job boards. The new Web site, with over 3,000 links to job boards, is classified into hundreds of specialty areas. According to AIRS analysts, the number of job boards has exploded since 1998 as newspapers, radio stations, Internet portals, trade publications, professional organizations, and Internet communities of all types have realized that offering jobs is a way to serve their audiences.

Microsoft to Corporations: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Microsoft has decided to apply a little muscle to its corporate accounts.

Spin e-Mail Into Gold

The Internet is one of the best tools your firm has to target new prospects and keep existing clients happy. But before you begin reaping the benefits of e-marketing, you have to collect a database of e-mail addresses. The Internet is an essential tool in the management of a progressive CPA practice. Whether your firm is communicating with clients, filing tax returns online, creating an "Intranet," or launching an e-marketing campaign, one thing is clear: You must collect and manage a list of e-mail addresses. At first glance, this seems like an easy task.

'Operation Cyber-Loss' Nets 62 Internet Fraudsters

An FBI operation dubbed "Operation Cyber-Loss" resulted in a combination of arrests and guilty pleas of 62 perpetrators of online fraud. The criminals allegedly duped more than 56,000 consumers who lost $117 million in Internet scams.Individuals lost money in schemes offering, among other things, investments, Internet services, and shopping offers, none of which panned out.The investigations were initiated in response to consumer complaints filed with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, a joint venture of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

New IBM Disk Drive Quadruples Capacity

IBM has announced a breakthrough in hard disk drive design that will enable the company to produce disk drives that quadruple the capacity of drives currently in use.

Quick Internet Tips

This is a continuation of AccountingWEB's ongoing Internet Tips resource. These tips, from Microsoft, are certain to help you save time when you're online. The tips presented here are for users of the Microsoft Explorer browser. If you have any time-saving Internet tips to share, please send them to AccountingWEB Internet Tips.

New XML Standard Launched

A new e-business XML (Extensible Markup Language) software has been finalized by a group of technology companies that includes IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and others.

It's the End of the Line for eLedger

Software application service provider (ASP), eLedger, announced this week that, effective May 31, the company will no longer offer software services over the Internet. "The current adoption rate is not sufficient to sustain us, and we have been unable to secure additional capital in the current economic environment," said Lee Mellinger, eLedger president and chief executive.Licenses for the eLedger software will be available for sale to interested buyers.

How to Select A-Level Clients

Much has been written and spoken regarding the wisdom in selecting quality clients to work with and also firing those clients who are habitual abusers of your firm's resources. This article will help with the process of identifying the characteristics of A-Level clients and how to design and implement a client screening process into all areas of your firm.Over the past ten years, I have spoken with hundreds of CPAs and IT professionals regarding building a profitable technology consulting practice.

New Service Makes US Tax Court Cases Easy to Research

Beginning in June, the U.S. Tax Court's Web site will include docket sheets for almost all cases since May 1986.Information provided on the docket sheets will include names and addresses of petitioners and counsel, index of filings for each case and court actions."This service is something that I believe the bar has long awaited and should prove to be a useful tool to those who appear before us," said Chief Judge Thomas B. Wells.

Does Your Firm Monitor Employees at Work?

In April 2001 the American Management Association published its annual survey on workplace monitoring and surveillance. The survey found that 78 percent of employers of large U.S. firms are recording and reviewing their employee’s electronic communications. This surveillance includes the storage and review of telephone conversations, voice mail and e-mail messages, and computer files.

Create a Virus! Win Big Money!

It may seem like a strange offer, but GateKeeper, a privately owned company that has developed a process for automatically blocking e-mail viruses, is offering $10,000 to the first registered challenger who can create a virus that can successfully penetrate the new GateKeeper Virus Protection System.In an atmosphere of fear that is created by these perpetrators of nasty e-mail viruses, GateKeeper stands alone as a company that encourages - in fact dares - crafty programmers to create a virus that no one has yet dreamed of.GateKeeper developers take pride in their system and note that rec

Best Online Brokerages

If you're contemplating trading securities online, or if you already do online trading but want to compare the service you're getting with the rest of the players, this survey will be of interest. Money Magazine sent seven brokers out into the Internet with pockets full of money and the assignment to buy stocks from 24 Web brokers.

Find a Back-Up ISP - Protect Your Firm's Connection

Business-interruption insurance can protect you from fires, floods, and other disasters, but are you covered for the loss of your Internet connection? With ISP's shutting their doors around the country, you need to have a back-up plan in place in case your ISP pulls the plug.There are a few insurers that do provide coverage for temporary disruptions in service, but it appears there are no insurers that provide loss coverage when an ISP shuts the doors for good.

WARNING - 'Homepage' Virus Spreading Rapidly

A new virus, dubbed the Homepage virus, is spreading rapidly worldwide.You can identify the virus by a subject line of "Hi!" and an accompanying message that reads, "You've [or "You"] got to see this page! It's really cool." Attached to the message is an HTML file with a .vbs extension.Opening the file activates the worm virus that replicates itself throughout your e-mail system, sending messages to addresses in your contact lists.


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