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Do You Suffer from Internet Password Overload?

If you spend much time on the Internet, you probably have a password for just about every web site you are a member of, passwords for AOL, passwords for HOTMAIL, passwords for personal online finance accounts and on and on. You get the drift!You may to use the same password from one site to the next, but character limit requirements and other rules sometimes prevent this from being possible or practical. Pasting sticky notes all over your screen isn't very practical either.

PwC Forms Alliance with EzGov

In an effort to help make government services more accessible to Internet users, PricewaterhouseCoopers has formed an alliance with the technology firm EzGov.

Microsoft Great Plains and SBA Team Up

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Microsoft Great Plains are co-sponsoring an online seminar on effective strategies for small companies to do business on the Internet and profit from the global expansion of e-commerce.Representatives from Compaq Computer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of hardware and software, also will be on hand to provide expert advice in this area.The free, 60-minute online conference "How to Put the Internet to Work in Your Business" has been labeled a "Webinar" (short for Web seminar) by its organizers.

Notebook Computer Ignites - 284,000 Batteries Recalled

Dell Computer has announced it will recall approximately 284,000 batteries for its Inspiron 5000 and 5000(e) notebook computers after a design flaw that causes overheating was discovered.At least one notebook computer equipped with such a battery has reportedly caught fire.

Dot-Biz is Open for Business

If it seems like all the good dot-com names have already been snapped up, here's your chance to get a fresh start. Dozens of accredited domain name registrars are now taking applications for dot-biz and dot-info domain names. Domain applications are not costly, but they also don't ensure that you will actually be able to reserve the name you want. Applications will be held until fall when they will be selected at random and the domain names assigned.

Purchasing a New PC? Check Out These Tips

The Wall Street Journal has published a list of tips that will help in your next computer purchase. Pointing out that buying decisions may be complicated by the impending launch of the new Microsoft Windows XP operating system, which is due in the fall, the Journal has these tips to help with your choice:Memory: At least 128 megabytes of RAM is recommended. An upgrade to Windows XP will require even more (196 to 256 megabytes).Hard Disk: At least 20 gigabytes is recommended.

Setting Up a New Company with Quickbooks

After the tax returns are prepared, there is often a period of record-keeping assessment, especially among small business owners, and many companies decide it's time to make a change in the bookkeeping method.

Securing Your Company On the Web

Yahoo!, the Internet portal, has become a household name. This portal is a force in the electronic realm and one of the most popular Web sites on the Internet. But even a site of Yahoo’s magnitude wasn’t prepared for the assault that transpired late last year. One afternoon, Yahoo! was "off the air" for three hours. This major meta-directory’s official response to the incident pointed to a typical DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. But this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Video Conferencing Can Improve Service & Collaboration

Over the past few years, interactive videoconferencing tools and video streaming via the Internet and Intranets have helped break down geographic barriers by facilitating interaction with individuals around the globe. Individuals and companies around the world are feeling an increased need to exchange information through engaging and interactive visual presentations.A timesaver and sometimes a lifesaver, videoconferencing and video streaming have addressed the growing need to overcome challenges imposed by time and geography.

Value Added Services for the Accountant and the Client

The professional accounting industry continues to suffer and endure increasing volumes of low paid and low value added compliance work. In Australia, most recently the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax has added yet another burden on the business community and in turn the accounting profession.

Senate Bill Provides Tax Credit to Businesses for IT Training

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill that will provide business owners with tax credits to offset the cost of information technology training costs for employees.The bill would provide a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for the first $1,500 spent, per employee, on IT training.

Test Your Internet Connection With This Handy Tool

If you are looking for a new service provider, or just want to know what your options are in your area, check out this tool from The Test DoesYou will be asked to enter your area code and then your ISP.When you click "Go" during the test, a 100k file is downloaded from the CNET servers, which will calculate your bandwidth from the CNET Web Services site.

Tips for Saving Time & Taking Control of Your Inbox

Accordingly to a recent study, workers spend approximately 50 minutes a day sorting through, responding to and creating e-mail messages. If you are buried in e-mail messages and are overwhelmed by the amount of information you manage daily, check out these helpful time saving tips.Note: Most of the tips below work on Microsoft Outlook 2000!Let Rules Control Your Inbox Use your Rules Wizard to establish rules that automatically file, delete, highlight, forward, or prioritize incoming and outgoing messages.

Top Uses for Application Service Providers - ASPs

ASPs can be used to automate and outsource a wide range of business functions - online buying and selling, supply chain management, customer relationship management, finance management, human resources management, collaboration and messaging, procurement of goods and services… the list goes on.

2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide

Below is an extensive list of the latest accounting software packages for any type of business. The 2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide offers the following information:High-End Accounting Software Vendors - Search the high-end packages that generally target companies with revenues over $100 million.

View Outlook Inbox and Calendar at the Same Time

Would it be useful for you to be able to view both your Outlook calendar and inbox at the same time? Instead of clicking back and forth between the two, you can open them side-by-side for easier access and viewing. To enable this tip follow the four steps below:Close all other programs. Click Inbox on the Outlook Folder List to display the Inbox. (If the Folder List is not displayed, choose Folder List from the View menu.) Right-click Calendar on the Folder List, and then click Open in New Window on the shortcut menu.

Dot-Pro Nearly Ready to Go

CPAs, lawyers, and doctors who want to distinguish themselves with a professional web presence will soon have the opportunity to acquire .pro Internet domains. The .pro domain option was approved last fall, along with six other new registries, by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The .pro domain designation will be available only to licensed professionals who can prove their professional status.

Banning E-mail Attachments - Microsoft's Virus Remedy?

In the wake of e-mail viruses such as "Melissa" and "I Love You", it is reported that Microsoft's newest version of Outlook will reject more than 30 different types of files sent as e-mail attachments. The new e-mail application due out later this spring will reject such files as "program execution files", "batch files", Windows help files", and "Java" and "Visual Basic" scripting files.
Community News

PwC Shines with New Internet Portal

PricewaterhouseCoopers has launched its new Internet portal, a high-tech site operating with Flash graphics.The site is designed to showcase the services the Big Five firm has to offer to medium-sized companies.Driving Ambition users are greeted with a user interface that emphasises the motoring motif. Choose "Select your business gear," and a gearstick menu offers a selection of case studies starting from embryonic business ideas, shifting up through finance options and going public offering.


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