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CPAs Say Security is Their No. 1 Technology-Related Priority

New report features the top 10 technology initiatives ranked by accounting professionals in the US and Canada.
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Greetings and Vision Statement From the Editor

AWEB’s new managing editor, Seth Fineberg, issues a welcome and shares his vision for the future of the site – and how you play a key part in that vision.

Post-Busy Season Quiz: What Would You Do Differently?

What are your prescriptions for making things better? Cast your vote in our productivity quiz, and we'll remind you about these resolutions next year.

QuickBooks Blunders, Part 1: Tales of Reconciliation Nightmares

Here is how to spot the most common signs of trouble when working with clients or working on your own in QuickBooks.

The 7 Characters You Can’t Use in Excel Worksheet Tab Names

Also, there is one word that cannot be assigned to an Excel worksheet. Find out what that word is and its backstory.

Why Accountants Are Now the New Trusted (Technology) Advisor

The software-as-a-service revolution is upon us, bringing with it challenges and opportunities for accountants.

Protect Your Business: Tax Time is a Good Time for a ‘Security Check’

Scammers are out there, but there are steps your company can take to protect its data from being compromised.

A Guided Tour of QuickBooks Online for Accountants

At first glance, the new QuickBooks Online may look a bit daunting. But take the time to explore its features. Here are some of the more common ones.

Here is How You Can Find Circular References in Microsoft Excel

Tracking down circular references scattered across numerous worksheets can be tricky. But there's a way to do it.

How to Export QuickBooks Reports to Excel with Advanced Excel Options

Exporting reports from QuickBooks to Excel can be a hassle and lead to embarrassing errors. But QuickBooks has hidden options to make it easy.

Understanding How to Use Circular References in Microsoft Excel

This technique may look like it defies the laws of logic, but in reality, it's a powerful tool with many uses.

2015 US GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy Adopted by the SEC

The taxonomy, proposed by the FASB, contains updates for accounting standards and other recommended improvements.

Survey: Internal Auditors Making Strides on Addressing Cybersecurity Risks

According to a new Protiviti study, cybersecurity evaluation is included in 53% of current corporate audit plans.

The 5 Key Tips to Resolve Your Love/Hate Affair with QuickBooks

Accountants often say they have a love-hate relationship with the popular program; here are tips for smoothing the way.

G2 Crowd Identifies the Top Expense Management Tools Based on User Reviews

Certify and Concur earned “Leader” status based on a combination of user satisfaction scores and market presence data.

Special Tax Season Summary: What You Should Know about Bitcoin

Virtual currencies seem scary, but informed accountants can help clients explore new opportunities within IRS rules.

Convert Your Clients: Move Their Records Out of the Shoebox

Do your clients still have a record system out of the Victorian era? Maybe some new tools can help them—and you.

My Quixotic Pursuit of Microsoft Excel for the Android Platform

It was easy, right? No, because we're dealing with Microsoft, and nothing is ever easy with Microsoft.

If You Want Millennial Employees, Then Build a Millennial Office

Today's workers have their own ways of working—and they expect their accounting offices to match them.

Navigating the Wild World of Internet Sales Taxes in the New Year

A key bill seems off the table—at least for now—but there are alternatives and CPAs should keep their eyes open.


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