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Technology news September 2012


Microsoft Reveals New Office 2013 Pricing Scheme

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled a major pivot in how it plans to market its flagship productivity suite in the future. In his latest article, David Ringstrom provides an overview of upcoming options.

Working Smarter with Document Management

Effectively gathering and organizing electronic client documents as they flow into an accounting firm is just as critical as how they are processed, stored, and delivered back to clients.

Tax Departments and the Cloud

KPMG LLP survey results show that a majority of tax departments are being left out of Cloud decision-making discussions, raising the possibility of tax risks, lost cost-saving opportunities, and decreased ROI for Cloud projects.

EBRI Rolls Out Free Retirement Savings App

While thousands of smartphone apps have been developed to help people spend money, a new one has been developed to help Americans save: The Ballpark E$timateĀ® iPhone app.

Transposing Data in Excel Worksheets

Excel expert, David Ringstrom, CPA, shows you how you can transform a list of data into a columnar list.

Digital Practice Made Simple

The concept of the Cloud and going paperless have been around for some time, but the trend is streaming down more rapidly to smaller firms whose owners are hearing the benefits from their peers.

Backup Plan: Cloud Technology Invaluable When Disaster Strikes

Cloud backup technology drastically reduces the risk of security breaches, and it also minimizes disruptions to operations after manmade or natural disasters occur, such as fires or severe storms.

Microsoft Excel: Taking the Pain Out of Freezing Panes

Freezing or unfreezing worksheet panes typically involves multiple mouse clicks, but Excel expert David Ringstrom shows you a way to carry out this task with a single keystroke.
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