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Technology news July 2012


Mike Sabbatis to Leave CCH, Karen Abramson To Be New President, CEO

Mike Sabbatis is leaving the position of CCH President and CEO, and Karen Abramson will succeed him, effective September 2012.

Tips for Improving Your Website

This is part one of four of a "Marketing Your Practice" series. Websites, which initially served as "glorified business brochures," are no longer acceptable as such. Today, visitors and clients expect much more.

Online Document Management Can Help Your Business

Cloud computing has been labeled as the future, but it is very much the technology of now - and the benefits are multifold. Online document management has revolutionized the way businesses work by offering them invaluable resources such as clutter management, access to files in remote locations and most importantly, time.

7 Agencies Make Progress on 'Cloud First' Policy

According to a new study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), progress is being made in implementing the "Cloud first" policy.

Microsoft Includes Cloud in Office 2013 and 365

Microsoft recently unveiled its Office 2013 and Office 365 software. Customers will still be able to purchase them on CD, but Microsoft is hoping consumers will get on board with its Cloud version.

First Look at Excel 2013

The "customer preview," or public beta version, of Office 2013 became available today. Excel expert David Ringstrom gives you a quick overview.

2012 Small Business Technology Road Show

For the first time ever, Sleeter Group is inviting accountants and their clients to the same room to help them learn about new solutions they can use to enhance business processes and better collaborate.

Is This Excel Worksheet Protected?

David Ringstrom's latest Excel tip will show you how to make sure your worksheets are protected.

Building a Successful IT Team in your Accounting Firm: Part I

Does your accounting firm need to create an IT team or expand an existing team? Xcentric account manager Jonathan Hull shares his insights on how accountants can make skillful decisions on IT hiring.

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