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Technology news September 2011


New XBRL and proposed 2012 US GAAP financial reporting taxonomy released

The IFRS Foundation, the oversight body of the International Accounting Standards Boards (IASB), has announced that it has completed the first part of its project to address requests for extensions to the IFRS XBRL taxonomy.

Unlimited access: Client portals revolutionize business practices

Accountants will tell you that client portal technology is no longer an accessory for accounting firms – it is a necessity for firms that want to do business in the ever-expanding world of wired commerce.

Seven tips for your first filing of detailed footnotes in XBRL

As organizations have completed their year-one SEC requirement with block note tagging in XBRL, they are preparing for the next major milestone: filing their detailed footnotes (DFN) in XBRL.

ROI and Efficiency: The advantages of using a document management system

When document management systems (DMS) and paperless accounting firms first became trendy, some accounting firms decided to become early adopters. But other accounting firms have been more cautious, choosing to wait before rushing into DMS and paperless offices.

Sleeter Conference embraces 'tomorrow's world' of accounting

The theme of this year's Sleeter conference is "tomorrow's world" of accounting, and the conference will feature exhibitors and sessions that embrace Cloud computing, appeal to the next generation of clients, and encourage existing clients to take advantage of advances in our profession.

As Cloud computing overtakes industry, should private equity groups jump in?

As cloud computing storms the business world, it's impossible for private equity (PE) firms to ignore it. The real question is whether they should adopt it for their portfolio companies.
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Facebook enhances its privacy settings, but users also must do their part

Facebook recently announced changes that will make it easier for users to know as well as to control who is able to see their posts, photos, tags, and profiles.

Will the Google Chromebook revolutionize the industry?

Chromebook is designed specifically to work with the cloud environment. It alleviates some of the headaches associated with traditional personal computers, such as crashes, program updates, viruses, outdated hardware, etc.

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